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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A CAD-compatible closed form approximation for the inversion charge areal density in double-gate MOSFETsHARIHARAN, V; VASI, J; RAO, VR
2002Channel engineering for sub-micron CMOS technologiesDIXIT, A; PAL, DK; ROY, JN; RAO, VR
2002Characterization and simulation of lateral asymmetric channel silicon-on-insulator MOSFETsNAJEEB-UD-DIN; RAO, VR; VASI, J
2009Characterization of interface and oxide traps in Ge pMOSFETs based on DCIV techniqueMAJI, D; CRUPI, F; MAGNONE, P; GIUSI, G; PACE, C; SIMOEN, E; RAO, VR
1997Charge trapping behaviour in deposited and grown thin metal-oxide-semiconductor gate dielectricsRAO, VR; HANSCH, W; BAUMGARTNER, H; EISELE, I; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; GRABOLLA, T
2009Chemical vapor deposition precursors for high dielectric oxides: zirconium and hafnium oxideWALAWALKAR, MG; KOTTANTHARAYIL, A; RAO, VR
2003CHISEL programming operation of scaled NOR flash EEPROMs - Effect of voltage scaling, device scaling and technological parametersMOHAPATRA, NR; NAIR, DR; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR; SHUKURI, S; BUDE, JD
2007Circuit performance improvement using PDSOI-DTMOS devices with a novel optimal sizing scheme considering body parasiticsANAND, B; RAO, VR; DESAI, MP
2008Closed form current and conductance model for symmetric double-gate MOSFETs using field-dependent mobility and body dopingHARIHARAN, V; THAKKER, R; PATIL, MB; VASI, J; RAO, VR
2014CMOS Logic Device and Circuit Performance of Si Gate All Around Nanowire MOSFETNAYAK, K; BAJAJ, M; KONAR, A; OLDIGES, PJ; NATORI, K; IWAI, H; MURALI, KVRM; RAO, VR
2002A comparative study of scaling properties of MOS transistors in CHE and CHISEL injection regimeMOHAPATRA, NR; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR
2013Comparison among different algorithms in classifying explosives using OFETsSURYA, SG; DUDHE, RS; SALURU, D; KOORA, BK; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
2001Comparison of sub-bandgap impact ionization in sub-100 nm conventional and lateral asymmetrical channel nMOSFETsANIL, K; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR; EISELE, I
2010Complementary Organic Circuits Using Evaporated F(16)CuPc and Inkjet Printing of PQTTAN, HS; WANG, BC; KAMATH, S; CHUA, J; SHOJAEI-BAGHINI, M; RAO, VR; MATHEWS, N; MHAISALKAR, SG
2017Considerations for Static Energy Reduction in Digital CMOS ICs Using NEMS Power GatingSANKAR, S; KUMAR, US; GOEL, M; BAGHINI, MS; RAO, VR
2013Copper(II) phthalocyanine based organic electronic devices for ionizing radiation dosimetry applicationsRAVAL, HN; SUTAR, DS; RAO, VR
2012Current Excitation Method for Delta R Measurement in Piezo-Resistive Sensors With a 0.3-ppm ResolutionGILDA, NA; NAG, S; PATIL, S; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
2009DC & transient circuit simulation methodologies for organic electronicsNAVAN, RR; THAKKER, RA; TIWARI, SP; BAGHINI, MS; PATIL, MB; MHAISALKAR, SG; RAO, VR
2012DC Compact Model for SOI Tunnel Field-Effect TransistorsBHUSHAN, B; NAYAK, K; RAO, VR
2005Deep sub-micron device and analog circuit parameter sensitivity to process variations with halo doping and its effect on circuit linearityNARASIMHULU, K; RAO, VR