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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Metal-Gate Granularity-Induced Threshold Voltage Variability and Mismatch in Si Gate-All-Around Nanowire n-MOSFETsNAYAK, K; AGARWAL, S; BAJAJ, M; OLDIGES, PJ; MURALI, KVRM; RAO, VR
2002Microcantilever based biosensorsPORWAL, A; NARSUDE, M; RAO, VR; MUKHERJI, S
2012Mobility enhancement of solution-processed Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) based organic transistor using zinc oxide nanostructuresNAVAN, RR; PANIGRAHY, B; BAGHINI, MS; BAHADUR, D; RAO, VR
2003Modeling of parasitic capacitances in deep submicrometer conventional and high-K dielectric MOS transistorsMOHAPATRA, NR; DESAI, MP; NARENDRA, SG; RAO, VR
2012Modification of Electronic Properties of Graphene with Porphyrin Self-Assembled Monolayers and Photoinduced InteractionsKHADERBAD, MA; TJOA, V; MATHEWS, N; MADHU, S; RAVIKANTH, M; RAO, VR
2014Monitoring sessile droplet evaporation on a micromechanical devicePRASAD, A; LIN, ATH; RAO, VR; SESHIA, AA
2014Morphology and Curie temperature engineering in crystalline La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films on Si by pulsed laser depositionNORI, R; KALE, SN; GANGULY, U; RAJU, NRC; SUTAR, DS; PINTO, R; RAO, VR
2001Multi-frequency transconductance technique for interface characterization of deep sub-micron SOI-MOSFETsKUMAR, A; MAHAPATRA, S; LAL, R; RAO, VR
2017Multi-Functional CMOS Compatible Nano-Electro-Mechanical Relays for Vapor Phase Explosive DetectionGILDA, NA; VAIDYA, GP; BAGHINI, MS; RAO, VR
2017A Nano-Electro-Mechanical Switch Based Power Gating for Effective Stand-by Power Reduction in FinFET TechnologiesSAHA, S; KUMAR, US; BAGHINI, MS; GOEL, M; RAO, VR
2014Negative differential conductivity and carrier heating in gate-all-around Si nanowire FETs and its impact on CMOS logic circuitsNAYAK, K; BAJAJ, M; KONAR, A; OLDIGES, PJ; IWAI, H; MURALI, KVRM; RAO, VR
1996Neutral electron trap generation under irradiation in reoxidized nitrided gate dielectricsRAO, VR; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J
2005A new oxide trap-assisted NBTI degradation modelJHA, NK; RAO, VR
2009A new physical insight and 3D device modeling of sti type denmos device failure under ESD conditionsSHRIVASTAVA, M; SCHNEIDER, J; BAGHINI, MS; GOSSNER, H; RAO, VR
2017A non-volatile resistive memory effect in 2,2 ',6,6 '-tetraphenyl-dipyranylidene thin films as observed in field-effect transistors and by conductive atomic force microscopyCOURTE, M; SURYA, SG; THAMANKAR, R; SHEN, C; RAO, VR; MHAILSALKAR, SG; FICHOU, D
2017A non-volatile resistive memory effect in 2,2 ',6,6 '-tetraphenyl-dipyranylidene thin films as observed in field-effect transistors and by conductive atomic force microscopy (vol 7, pg 3336, 2017)COURTE, M; SURYA, SG; THAMANKAR, R; SHEN, C; RAO, VR; MHAISALKAR, SG; FICHOU, D
2011A novel architecture for improving slew rate in FinFET-based op-amps and OTAsTHAKKER, RA; SRIVASTAVA, M; TAILOR, KH; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR; PATIL, MB
2010A Novel Bottom Spacer FinFET Structure for Improved Short-Channel, Power-Delay, and Thermal PerformanceSHRIVASTAVA, M; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
2012A Novel Drain-Extended FinFET Device for High-Voltage High-Speed ApplicationsSHRIVASTAVA, M; GOSSNER, H; RAO, VR
2017A Novel PET-Based Piezoresistive MEMS Sensor Platform for Agricultural ApplicationsPATKAR, RS; VINCHURKAR, M; ASHWIN, M; RAO, VR