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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Device scaling effects on substrate enhanced degradation in MOS transistorsMOHAPATRA, NR; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR
2009Drain current model for nanoscale double-gate MOSFETsHARIHARAN, V; THAKKER, R; SINGH, K; SACHID, AB; PATIL, MB; VASI, J; RAO, VR
2007Drain current model for undoped symmetric double-gate FETs using a velocity saturation model with exponent n=2HARIHARAN, V; VASI, J; RAO, VR
2000Dynamic threshold voltage MOSFETs for future low power sub 1V CMOS applicationsSURYAGANDH, SS; ANAND, B; DESAI, MP; RAO, VR
1997Effect of carbides on embrittlement of Fe3Al based intermetallic alloysBALIGIDAD, RG; PRAKASH, U; RADHAKRISHNA, A; RAO, VR; RAO, PK; BALLAL, NB
1997Effect of carbon content on high temperature tensile properties of Fe3Al based intermetallic alloysBALIGIDAD, RG; PRAKASH, U; RADHAKRISHNA, A; RAO, VR; RAO, PK; BALLAL, NB
1996Effect of carbon content on mechanical properties of electroslag remelted Fe3Al based intermetallic alloysBALIGIDAD, RG; PRAKASH, U; RAO, VR; RAO, PK; BALLAL, NB
2012Effect of Central Metal Ion on Molecular Dipole in Porphyrin Self-Assembled MonolayersKHADERBAD, MA; RAO, M; JINESH, KB; PANDHARIPANDE, R; MADHU, S; RAVIKANTH, M; RAO, VR
2016Effect of Metal Gate Granularity Induced Random Fluctuations on Si Gate-All-Around Nanowire MOSFET 6-T SRAM Cell StabilityBAJAJ, M; NAYAK, K; GUNDAPANENI, S; RAO, VR
1998Effect of process variables on electroslag crucible melting of copper-chromium alloysPRASAD, VVS; RAO, AS; PRAKASH, U; RAO, VR; RAO, PK; GUPT, KM
2006The effect of single-halo doping on the low-frequency noise performance of deep submicrometer MOSFETsNARASIMHULU, K; SETTY, IV; RAO, VR
2002Effect of technology scaling on MOS transistor performance with high-K gate dielectricsMOHAPATRA, NR; DESAI, MP; NARENDRA, SG; RAO, VR
2002Effective dielectric thickness scaling for high-K gate dielectric MOSFETsBHUWALKA, KK; MOHAPATRA, NR; NARENDRA, SG; RAO, VR
2007Electret mechanism, hysteresis, and ambient performance of sol-gel silica gate dielectrics in pentacene field-effect transistorsCAHYADI, T; TAN, HS; MHAISALKAR, SG; LEE, PS; BOEY, F; CHEN, ZK; NG, CM; RAO, VR; QI, GJ
2012Electrical actuation and readout in a nanoelectromechanical resonator based on a laterally suspended zinc oxide nanowireKHADERBAD, MA; CHOI, Y; HIRALAL, P; AZIZ, A; WANG, N; DURKAN, C; THIRUVENKATANATHAN, P; AMARATUNGA, GAJ; RAO, VR; SESHIA, AA
2002Electrically induced junction MOSFET for high performance sub-50nm CMOS technologyDIXIT, A; DUSANE, RO; RAO, VR
1996Electro slag crucible melting for recycling of low oxygen high conductivity copper scrapPRASAD, VVS; RAO, VR; PRAKASH, U; RAO, PK; GUPT, KM
1995Electroslag crucible melting of age hardening copper-chromium alloyPRASAD, VVS; RAO, VR; MISRA, RDK; RAO, PK; GUPT, KM
2005Evaluation of the impact of layout on device and analog circuit performance with lateral asymmetric channel MOSFETsKUMAR, DV; NARASIMHULU, K; REDDY, PS; SHOJAEI-BAGHINI, M; SHARMA, DK; PATIL, MB; RAO, VR