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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bacillus subtilis Hfq: A role in chemotaxis and motilityJAGTAP, CB; KUMAR, P; RAO, KK
2006The carboxy terminal domain of Epr, a minor extracellular serine protease, is essential for the swarming motility of Bacillus subtilis 168MURUDKAR, CS; KODGIRE, P; RAO, KK
2014The Cys78-Asn88 loop region of the Campylobacter jejuni CstII is essential for alpha 2,3-sialyltransferase activity: analysis of the His85 mutantsPRABHAKAR, PK; RAO, KK; BALAJIY, PV
2014A dps promoter based expression system for improved solubility of expressed proteins in Escherichia coliSETHIA, PP; RAO, KK; NORONHA, SB
2009A dual mode of regulation of flgM by ScoC in Bacillus subtilisKODGIRE, P; RAO, KK
2005Effect of 2-(2-pyridyl)azole-based ancillary Ligands (L1-4) on the electrophilicity of the nitrosyl function in [Ru-II(trpy)(L1-4)(NO)](3+) [trpy=2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine]. Synthesis, structures, and spectroscopic, electrochemical, and kinetic aspectsCHANDA, N; PAUL, D; KAR, S; MOBIN, SM; DATTA, A; PURANIK, VG; RAO, KK; LAHIRI, GK
2002epr is transcribed from a sigma(D) promoter and is involved in swarming of Bacillus subtilisDIXIT, M; MURUDKAR, CS; RAO, KK
2009Epr plays a key role in DegU-mediated swarming motility of Bacillus subtilisGUPTA, M; RAO, KK
2001Improvement in enzyme productivities from mold cultivations using the liquid-phase oxygen supply strategyRAWOOL, SB; SAHOO, S; RAO, KK; SURESHKUMAR, GK
2003Induced reactive oxygen species improve enzyme production from Aspergillus niger cultivationSAHOO, S; RAO, KK; SURAISHKUMAR, GK
2004Intracellular reactive oxygen species mediate suppression of sporulation in Bacillus subtilis under shear stressSAHOO, S; RAO, KK; SURESH, AK; SURAISHKUMAR, GK
2003Macro-level and genetic-level responses of Bacillus subtilis to shear stressSAHOO, S; VERMA, RK; SURESH, AK; RAO, KK; BELLARE, J; SURAISHKUMAR, GK
2016Monomerization alters the dynamics of the lid region in Campylobacter jejuni CstII: an MD simulation studyPRABHAKAR, PK; SRIVASTAVA, A; RAO, KK; BALAJI, PV
2017Rv3634c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv encodes an enzyme with UDP-Gal/Glc and UDP-GalNAc 4-epimerase activitiesPARDESHI, P; RAO, KK; BALAJI, PV
2006ScoC and SinR negatively regulate epr by corepression in Bacillus subtilisKODGIRE, P; DIXIT, M; RAO, KK
2013Spo0A positively regulates epr expression by negating the repressive effect of co-repressors, SinR and ScoC, in Bacillus subtilisGUPTA, M; DIXIT, M; RAO, KK
1996Synthesis, characterization, cytotoxic, and DNA binding studies of some platinum(II) complexes of 1,2-diamine and alpha-diimine with 2-pyridinecarboxylate anionPAUL, AK; SRIVASTAVA, TS; CHAVAN, SJ; CHITNIS, MP; DESAI, S; RAO, KK
2004Synthesis, structure, redox, NLO and DNA interaction aspects of [{(L '(-)''')(2)Ru-II}(3)(mu(3)-L)](3+) and [(L ')(2)Ru-II(NC5H4S-)](+) [L3-=1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trithiolato, L '(-)''' = arylazopyridine]KAR, S; PRADHAN, B; SINHA, K; KUNDU, T; KODGIRE, P; RAO, KK; PURANIK, VG; LAHIRI, GK