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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Triazole-Linked-Thiophene Conjugate of Calix[4]arene: Its Selective Recognition of Zn(2+) and as Biomimetic Model in Supporting the Events of the Metal Detoxification and Oxidative Stress Involving MetallothioneinPATHAK, RK; HINGE, VK; MONDAL, M; RAO, CP
1997Vanadate and chromate reduction by saccharides and L-ascorbic acid: effect of the isolated V(IV) and Cr(III) products on DNA nicking, lipid peroxidation, cytotoxicity and on enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidantsSREEDHARA, A; SUSA, N; RAO, CP
2015Versatile, Reversible, and Reusable Gel of a Monocholesteryl Conjugated Calix[4]arene as Functional Material to Store and Release Dyes and Drugs Including Doxorubicin, Curcumin, and TocopherolBANDELA, AK; HINGE, VK; YARRAMALA, DS; RAO, CP
2015A water soluble glucopyranosyl conjugate as a selective and reactive probe for cysteine in a buffer and its application to living cellsARETI, S; TEOTIA, R; RAO, CP
2011A Zinc-Sensing Glucose-Based Naphthyl Imino Conjugate as a Detecting Agent for Inorganic and Organic Phosphates, Including DNAMITRA, A; HINGE, VK; MITTAL, A; BHAKTA, S; GUIONNEAU, P; RAO, CP
2015Zn2+ and Cu2+ induced nanosheets and nanotubes in six different lectins by TEMTABBASUM, K; RAO, CP
2012A Zn2+ specific triazole based calix[4]arene conjugate (L) as a fluorescence sensor for histidine and cysteine in HEPES buffer milieuPATHAK, RK; TABBASUM, K; RAI, A; PANDA, D; RAO, CP
2014Zn2+, Cd2+ and Cu2+ mediated formation of amyloid like fibrils by the monomers of beta-sheet rich peanut agglutininTABBASUM, K; RAO, CP