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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Handling client mobility and intermittent connectivity in mobile web accessesKULKARNI, P; SHENOY, P; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2002Implications of proxy caching for provisioning networks and serversRAUNAK, M; SHENOY, P; GOYAL, P; RAMAMRITHAM, K; KULKARNI, P
2010Maintaining coherent views over dynamic distributed dataRAMAMRITHAM, K
2015Maintaining thermal comfort in buildings: feasibility, algorithms, implementation, evaluationKARMAKAR, G; KABRA, A; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2001Materialized view selection and maintenance using multi-query optimizationMISTRY, H; ROY, P; SUDARSHAN, S; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2007Merge algorithms for intelligent vehiclesRARAVI, G; SHINGDE, V; RAMAMRITHAM, K; BHARADIA, J
2008Merge-by-Wire : algorithms and system supportSHINGDE, V; RARAVI, G; GUDHE, A; GOYAL, P; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2002MIRROR: a state-conscious concurrency control protocol for replicated real-time databasesXIONG, M; RAMAMRITHAM, K; HARITSA, JR; STANKOVIC, JA
2003Mobile user recovery in the context of Internet transactionsVANDERMEER, D; DATTA, A; DUTTA, K; RAMAMRITHAM, K; NAVATHE, SB
2006Mutual consistency in real-time databasesJHA, AK; XIONG, M; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2013On Co-Scheduling of Update and Control Transactions in Real-Time Sensing and Control Systems: Algorithms, Analysis, and PerformanceHAN, S; LAM, KY; WANG, JT; RAMAMRITHAM, K; MOK, AK
2016Online Mode Switch Algorithms for Maintaining Data Freshness in Dynamic Cyber-Physical SystemsHAN, S; LAM, KY; CHEN, DJ; XIONG, M; WANG, JT; RAMAMRITHAM, K; MOK, AK
2000The PROMPT real-time commit protocolHARITSA JR; RAMAMRITHAM, K; GUPTA, R
2004Proxy-based acceleration of dynamically generated content on the World Wide Web: An approach and implementationDATTA, A; DUTTA, K; THOMAS, H; VANDERMEER, D; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2002PTC : proxies that transcode and cache in heterogeneous web client environmentsSINGH, A; TRIVEDI, A; RAMAMRITHAM, K; SHENOY, P
2004PTC : proxies that transcode and cachein heterogeneous web client environmentsSINGH, A; TRIVEDI, A; RAMAMRITHAM, K; SHENOY, P
2012Query Planning for Continuous Aggregation Queries over a Network of Data AggregatorsGUPTA, R; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2004Real-time databases and data servicesRAMAMRITHAM, K; SON, SH; DIPIPPO, LC
2007ReDAL: An efficient and practical request distribution technique for application server clustersDUTTA, K; DATTA, A; VANDERMEER, D; THOMAS, H; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2007Representation and processing of information related to real world eventsNAGARGADDE, A; SRIDHAR, V; RAMAMRITHAM, K