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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Parametric studies of formation and morphology of sub-micron sized GO stabilized PS/GO containers encapsulating 8-HQDARADMARE, S; PRADHAN, M; RAJA, VS; PARIDA, S
1996Passivation and stress corrosion cracking tendency of manganese stainless steelsDEVASENAPATHI, A; PRASAD, RC; RAJA, VS
1996Passivation and stress corrosion cracking tendency of Ni substituted Mn stainless steelsDEVASENAPATHI, A; PRASAD, RC; RAJA, VS
2003Pitting corrosion and stress corrosion behavior of austenitic stainless steel weldments and the role of nitrogen - a reviewRAJA, VS
1995Reduction of interconnected porosity in zirconia-based thermal barrier coatingRAJENDRAN, R; RAJA, VS; SIVAKUMAR, R; SRINIVASA, RS
2013Role of chlorides on pitting and hydrogen embrittlement of Mg-Mn wrought alloyRAJA, VS; PADEKAR, BS
2007Role of coarse intermetallic particles on the environmentally assisted cracking behavior of peak aged and over aged Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr alloy during slow strain rate testingKANNAN, MB; RAJA, VS
2016Role of Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Dispersion on the Hot Corrosion Behaviour of NiCrAlY Plasma-Sprayed Coatings in Na2SO4+50 wt% V2O5 and Na2SO4+10 wt% NaCl Melts at 800 degrees CSREEDHAR, G; RAJA, VS
2003Scanning Auger electron spectroscopy study of the oxide film formed on dendritic and interdendritic regions of C containing Fe3Al intermetallicRAO, VSHANKAR; NORELL, M; RAJA, VS
1997The self regulating nature of In on the potential of Al in 3.5% NaCl solutionVENUGOPAL, A; RAJA, VS
2013Stress corrosion cracking behavior of magnesium alloys EV31A and AZ91EPADEKAR, BS; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS; LYON, P
2012Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Multipass TIG-Welded AA2219 Aluminum Alloy in 3.5 wt pct NaCl SolutionVENUGOPAL, A; SREEKUMAR, K; RAJA, VS
2013Stress corrosion cracking of a recent rare-earth containing magnesium alloy, EV31A, and a common Al-containing alloy, AZ91EPADEKAR, BS; RAMAN, RKS; RAJA, VS; PAUL, L
2013Stress corrosion cracking of a wrought Mg-Mn alloy under plane strain and plane stress conditionsPADEKAR, BS; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS
2014The stress-corrosion cracking susceptibility of near-alpha titanium alloy IMI 834 in presence of hot saltPUSTODE, MD; RAJA, VS; PAULOSE, N
2017Structural Evolution during Milling, Annealing, and Rapid Consolidation of Nanocrystalline Fe-10Cr-3Al PowderKUMAR, R; BAKSHI, SR; JOARDAR, J; PARIDA, S; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS
1998Study of alloy dissolution, passivity and protective coatings by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyRAJA, VS
2015Study of plasma nitriding and nitrocarburizing for higher corrosion resistance and hardness of 2205 duplex stainless steelALPHONSA, J; RAJA, VS; MUKHERJEE, S
2008Study of the structure and corrosion behavior of PEO coatings on AM50 maginesium. alloy by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGHASEMI, A; RAJA, VS; BLAWERT, C; DIETZEL, W; KAINER, KU
2011Thermally sprayable grafted LDPE/nanoclay composite coating for corrosion protectionDAVID, R; TAMBE, SP; SINGH, SK; RAJA, VS; KUMAR, D