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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Maleic acid grafted low density polyethylene for thermally sprayable anticorrosive coatingsSINGH, SK; TAMBE, SP; SAMUI, AB; RAJA, VS; KUMAR, DHIRENDRA
2017On Improving the Quality of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded 18Ni 250 Maraging Steel Rocket Motor CasingsGUPTA, RN; RAJA, VS; MUKHERJEE, MK; MURTY, SVS
1998Optical and structural investigations on spray-deposited CdS filmsRAMAIAH, KS; RAJA, VS; SHARON, M
2017Parametric studies of formation and morphology of sub-micron sized GO stabilized PS/GO containers encapsulating 8-HQDARADMARE, S; PRADHAN, M; RAJA, VS; PARIDA, S
1996Passivation and stress corrosion cracking tendency of manganese stainless steelsDEVASENAPATHI, A; PRASAD, RC; RAJA, VS
1996Passivation and stress corrosion cracking tendency of Ni substituted Mn stainless steelsDEVASENAPATHI, A; PRASAD, RC; RAJA, VS
2003Pitting corrosion and stress corrosion behavior of austenitic stainless steel weldments and the role of nitrogen - a reviewRAJA, VS
1995Reduction of interconnected porosity in zirconia-based thermal barrier coatingRAJENDRAN, R; RAJA, VS; SIVAKUMAR, R; SRINIVASA, RS
2013Role of chlorides on pitting and hydrogen embrittlement of Mg-Mn wrought alloyRAJA, VS; PADEKAR, BS
2007Role of coarse intermetallic particles on the environmentally assisted cracking behavior of peak aged and over aged Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr alloy during slow strain rate testingKANNAN, MB; RAJA, VS
2016Role of Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Dispersion on the Hot Corrosion Behaviour of NiCrAlY Plasma-Sprayed Coatings in Na2SO4+50 wt% V2O5 and Na2SO4+10 wt% NaCl Melts at 800 degrees CSREEDHAR, G; RAJA, VS
2003Scanning Auger electron spectroscopy study of the oxide film formed on dendritic and interdendritic regions of C containing Fe3Al intermetallicRAO, VSHANKAR; NORELL, M; RAJA, VS
1997The self regulating nature of In on the potential of Al in 3.5% NaCl solutionVENUGOPAL, A; RAJA, VS
2013Stress corrosion cracking behavior of magnesium alloys EV31A and AZ91EPADEKAR, BS; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS; LYON, P
2012Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Multipass TIG-Welded AA2219 Aluminum Alloy in 3.5 wt pct NaCl SolutionVENUGOPAL, A; SREEKUMAR, K; RAJA, VS
2013Stress corrosion cracking of a recent rare-earth containing magnesium alloy, EV31A, and a common Al-containing alloy, AZ91EPADEKAR, BS; RAMAN, RKS; RAJA, VS; PAUL, L
2013Stress corrosion cracking of a wrought Mg-Mn alloy under plane strain and plane stress conditionsPADEKAR, BS; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS
2014The stress-corrosion cracking susceptibility of near-alpha titanium alloy IMI 834 in presence of hot saltPUSTODE, MD; RAJA, VS; PAULOSE, N
2017Structural Evolution during Milling, Annealing, and Rapid Consolidation of Nanocrystalline Fe-10Cr-3Al PowderKUMAR, R; BAKSHI, SR; JOARDAR, J; PARIDA, S; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, RKS
1998Study of alloy dissolution, passivity and protective coatings by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyRAJA, VS