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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Hot corrosion behavior of solution precursor and atmospheric plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatingsAJAY, A; RAJA, VS; SIVAKUMAR, G; JOSHI, SV
2009Hot corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayed YSZ/Al(2)O(3) dispersed NiCrAlY coatings on Inconel-718 superalloySREEDHAR, G; ALAM, MDM; RAJA, VS
2010Hot corrosion of YSZ/Al(2)O(3) dispersed NiCrAlY plasma-sprayed coatings in Na(2)SO(4)-10 wt.% NaCl meltSREEDHAR, G; RAJA, VS
1998Hydrogen embrittlement behavior of three high manganese stainless steelsRAJA, VS; DEVASENAPATHI, A
2006Hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of over aged 7010 Al-alloyKANNAN, MB; RAJA, VS
1997In situ development of aluminides on titaniumRAJA, VS; JEEVANANDAM, S; BHATGADDE, LG
2009Influence of curing temperature, silica nanoparticles- and cerium on surface morphology and corrosion behaviour of hybrid silane coatings on mild steelPHANASGAONKAR, A; RAJA, VS
2003Influence of multistep aging on the stress corrosion cracking behavior of aluminum alloy 7010BOBBY-KANNAN, M; RAJA, VS; RAMAN, R; MUKHOPADHYAY, AK
1998Influence of nitrogen on the pitting corrosion behavior of 904L weld cladRAJA, VS; VARSHNEY, SK; RAMAN, R; KULKARNI, SD
2009Influence of strontium on electrochemical corrosion behavior of hot-dip galvanized coatingVAGGE, ST; RAJA, VS
2014Interface electrochemical corrosion behaviour of alclad Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Cr Al alloy adhesively bonded with carbon fibre reinforced plastic stiffenerKALE, SS; RAJA, VS; BAKARE, AK
2014Intergranular Corrosion Susceptibility of Alloy 600 after Autogenous Tungsten Inert Gas and Laser Beam Welding using Electrochemical TechniqueABRAHAM, GJ; BHAMBROO, R; KAIN, V; DEY, GK; RAJA, VS
1998Localized corrosion behavior of austenitic stainless steel weldments and the role of nitrogenRAJA, VS
2003Long-term sulfidation behaviour of Fe3Al-Fe3AlC0.69 iron aluminidesRAO, VSHANKAR; RAJA, VS
2010Low temperature embrittlement of duplex stainless steel: Correlation between mechanical and electrochemical behaviorCHANDRA, K; SINGHAL, R; KAIN, V; RAJA, VS
2012Low temperature thermal ageing embrittlement of austenitic stainless steel welds and its electrochemical assessmentCHANDRA, K; KAIN, V; RAJA, VS; TEWARI, R; DEY, GK
2012Low temperature thermal aging of austenitic stainless steel welds: Kinetics and effects on mechanical propertiesCHANDRA, K; KAIN, V; BHUTANI, V; RAJA, VS; TEWARI, R; DEY, GK; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK
2006Maleic acid grafted low density polyethylene for thermally sprayable anticorrosive coatingsSINGH, SK; TAMBE, SP; SAMUI, AB; RAJA, VS; KUMAR, DHIRENDRA
2017On Improving the Quality of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded 18Ni 250 Maraging Steel Rocket Motor CasingsGUPTA, RN; RAJA, VS; MUKHERJEE, MK; MURTY, SVS
1998Optical and structural investigations on spray-deposited CdS filmsRAMAIAH, KS; RAJA, VS; SHARON, M