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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Delineation of the 85 degrees E ridge and its structure in the Mahanadi Offshore Basin, Eastern Continental Margin of India (ECMI), from seismic reflection imagingBASTIA, R; RADHAKRISHNA, M; DAS, S; KALE, AS; CATUNEANU, O
2012Early Cretaceous fracture zones in the Bay of Bengal and their tectonic implications: Constraints from multi-channel seismic reflection and potential field dataRADHAKRISHNA, M; RAO, GS; NAYAK, S; BASTIA, R; TWINKLE, D
2008Estimates Of Effective Elastic Thickness Along The Southwest Continental Margin Of India Using Coherence Analysis Of Gravity And Bathymetry Data - Geodynamic Imlication - ReplyRADHAKRISHNA, M
2012Gravity anomalies, crustal structure and rift tectonics at the Konkan and Kerala basins, western continental margin of IndiaDEV, SV; RADHAKRISHNA, M; CHAND, S; SUBRAHMANYAM, C
2013High-resolution residual geoid and gravity anomaly data of the northern Indian Ocean - An input to geological understandingSREEJITH, KM; RAJESH, S; MAJUMDAR, TJ; RAO, GS; RADHAKRISHNA, M; KRISHNA, KS; RAJAWAT, AS
2011Identification and characterization of marine geohazards in the deep water eastern offshore of India: constraints from multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar and 3D high-resolution seismic dataBASTIA, R; RADHAKRISHNA, M; NAYAK, S
2016Lithosphere structure and upper mantle characteristics below the Bay of BengalRAO, GS; RADHAKRISHNA, M; SREEJITH, KM; KRISHNA, KS; BULL, JM
2016Magnetic anomalies over the Andaman Islands and their geological significanceRAO, PBVS; RADHAKRISHNA, M; HARIPRIYA, K; RAO, BS; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2008Plume Related (?) Acid Volcanic Activity In St. Mary'S Island, South Kanara District, Karnataka - ReplyRADHAKRISHNA, M
2010Pre- and post-collisional depositional history in the upper and middle Bengal fan and evaluation of deepwater reservoir potential along the northeast Continental Margin of IndiaBASTIA, R; DAS, S; RADHAKRISHNA, M
2008Seismicity, gravity anomalies and lithospheric structure of the Andaman arc, NE Indian OceanRADHAKRISHNA, M; LASITHA, S; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2015A seismotectonic study of the 21 May 2014 Bay of Bengal intraplate earthquake: evidence of onshore-offshore tectonic linkage and fracture zone reactivation in the northern Bay of BengalRAO, GS; RADHAKRISHNA, M; MURTHY, KSR
2010Thin oceanic crust below Bay of Bengal inferred from 3-D gravity interpretationRADHAKRISHNA, M; SUBRAHMANYAM, C; DAMODHARAN, T