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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Metabolic diversity in bacterial degradation of aromatic compoundsPHALE, PS; BASU, A; MAJHI, PD; DEVERYSHETTY, J; VAMSEE-KRISHNA, C; SHRIVASTAVA, R
2013Metabolic regulation and chromosomal localization of carbaryl degradation pathway in Pseudomonas sp strains C4, C5 and C6SINGH, R; TRIVEDI, VD; PHALE, PS
2007Metabolism of 2-, 3- and 4-hydroxybenzoates by soil isolates Alcaligenes sp strain PPH and Pseudomonas sp strain PPDDEVERYSHETTY, J; SUVEKBALA, V; VARADAMSHETTY, G; PHALE, PS
2003Metabolism of benzyl alcohol via catechol ortho-pathway in methylnaphthalene-degrading Pseudomonas putida CSV86BASU, A; DIXIT, SS; PHALE, PS
2005Metabolism of carbaryl via 1,2-dihydroxynaphthalene by soil isolates Pseudomonas dp. strains C4, C5, and C6SWETHA, VP; PHALE, PS
2007Modulation of glucose transport causes preferential utilization of aromatic compounds in pseudomonas putida CSV86BASU, A; SHRIVASTAVA, R; BASU, B; APTE, SK; PHALE, PS
2014Periplasmic glucose-binding protein from Pseudomonas putida CSV86-identification of the glucose-binding pocket by homology-model-guided site-specific mutagenesisMODAK, A; BHAUMIK, P; PHALE, PS
2006Preferential utilization of aromatic compounds over glucose by Pseudomonas putida CSV86BASU, A; APTE, SK; PHALE, PS
2014Pseudomonas putida CSV86: A Candidate Genome for Genetic BioaugmentationPALIWAL, V; RAJU, SC; MODAK, A; PHALE, PS; PUROHIT, HJ
2007Purification and characterization of 1-naphthol-2-hydroxylase from carbaryl-degrading Pseudomonas strain C4SWETHA, VP; BASU, A; PHALE, PS
2011Purification and characterization of benzyl alcohol- and benzaldehyde- dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas putida CSV86SHRIVASTAVA, R; BASU, A; PHALE, PS
2014Purification and Characterization of NAD(+)-Dependent Salicylaldehyde Dehydrogenase from Carbaryl-Degrading Pseudomonas sp Strain C6SINGH, R; TRIVEDI, VD; PHALE, PS
2011Repression of the glucose-inducible outer-membrane protein OprB during utilization of aromatic compounds and organic acids in Pseudomonas putida CSV86SHRIVASTAVA, R; BASU, B; GODBOLE, A; MATHEW, MK; APTE, K; PHALE, PS
2017Transcriptional Modulation of Transport- and Metabolism-Associated Gene Clusters Leading to Utilization of Benzoate in Preference to Glucose in Pseudomonas putida CSV86CHOUDHARY, A; MODAK, A; APTE, SK; PHALE, PS