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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Influence of nonlocal electrodynamics on the anisotropic vortex pinning in YNi2B2CSILHANEK, AV; THOMPSON, JR; CIVALE, L; PAUL, DM; TOMY, CV
2003Magnetic properties of Pr1-xSr1+xMnO4 (0.3 <= x <= 0.8) single crystalsTOMY, CV; KUMAR, R; BALAKRISHNAN, G; LEES, MR; PAUL, DM
2001Multiple magnetization peaks in weakly pinned Ca3Rh4Sn13 and YBa2Cu3O7-deltaSARKAR, S; PAL, D; PAULOSE, PL; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; TOMY, CV; DASGUPTA, D; SARMA, BK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM
2010Muon-spin-spectroscopy study of the penetration depth of FeTe(0.5)Se(0.5)BISWAS, PK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; TOMY, CV; LEES, MR; HILLIER, AD
2015Paramagnetic magnetization signals and curious metastable behaviour in field-cooled magnetization of a single crystal of superconductor 2H-NbSe2KUMAR, S; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; GROVER, AK
2000Peak effect in Ca3Rh4Sn13: Vortex phase diagram and evidences for stepwise amorphization of flux line latticeSARKAR, S; BANERJEE, SS; GROVER, AK; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; PAUL, DM; BALAKRISHNAN, G; HIGGINS, MJ
2000Peak effect, plateau effect, and fishtail anomaly: The reentrant amorphization of vortex matter in 2H-NbSe2BANERJEE, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; GAMMEL, PL; BISHOP, DJ; BUCHER, E; HIGGINS, MJ; BHATTACHARYA, S
2006Pulverization of the flux line lattice, the phase coexistence and the spinodal temperature of the order-disorder transition in a weakly pinned crystal of Yb3Rh4Sn13SARKAR, S; TOMY, CV; THAKUR, AD; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2000Stepwise amorphization of the flux-line lattice in Ca3Rh4Sn13: A peak-effect studySARKAR, S; PAL, D; BANERJEE, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; TOMY, CV; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; BHATTACHARYA, S