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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Infrared-Optical Double Resonance Spectroscopic Investigation of Trifluoromethylphenols and Their Water ComplexesDEY, A; PATWARI, GN
2009Infrared-optical double resonance spectroscopic measurements and high level ab initio calculations on a binary complex between phenylacetylene and borane-trimethylamine. Understanding the role of C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interactionsMAITY, S; SEDLAK, R; HOBZA, P; PATWARI, GN
2010Infrared-Optical Double Resonance Spectroscopic Measurements on 2-(2 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole and its Hydrogen Bonded Complexes with Water and MethanolGUIN, M; MAITY, S; PATWARI, GN
2008Infrared-optical double-resonance measurements on O-H center dot center dot center dot H-Ge dihydrogen-bonded phenol-triethylgermanium hydride complex in the gas phaseSINGH, PC; MAITY, DK; PATWARI, GN
2017Insights into acid dissociation of HCl and HBr with internal electric fieldsBODA, M; PATWARI, GN
2011Interaction of Alcohols with 2-Fluoro- and 4-Fluorophenylacetylenes: Infrared-Optical Double Resonance Spectroscopic and Computational InvestigationMAITY, S; MAITY, DK; PATWARI, GN
2012Intermolecular structure on binary complexes of water with phenylacetylene and its substituted analogs: a combined spectroscopic and ab initio investigationMAITY, S; PATWARI, GN
2016Internal electric fields in small water clusters [(H2O)n; n=2-6]SEN, S; BODA, M; LATA, SV; PATWARI, GN
2008IR-UV double resonance spectroscopic investigation of phenylacetylene-alcohol complexes. Alkyl group induced hydrogen bond switchingSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2015Octanuclear Zinc Phosphates with Hitherto Unknown Cluster Architectures: Ancillary Ligand and Solvent Assisted Structural Transformations ThereofDAR, AA; SEN, S; GUPTA, SK; PATWARI, GN; MURUGAVEL, R
2013Phenylacetylene dimer: Ab initio and DFT studyPATWARI, GN; VENUVANALINGAM, P; KOLASKI, M
2007Photoelectron spectroscopy of hydrated hexafluorobenzene anionsEUSTIS, SN; WANG, D; BOWEN, KH; PATWARI, GN
2017pi-Stacked Dimers of Fluorophenylacetylenes: Role of Dipole MomentMONDAL, SI; SEN, S; HAZRA, A; PATWARI, GN
2009A pi-stacked phenylacetylene and 1,3,5-triazine heterodimer: a combined spectroscopic and ab initio investigationGUIN, M; PATWARI, GN; KARTHIKEYAN, S; KIM, KS
2011A pi-stacked phenylacetylene dimerMAITY, S; PATWARI, GN; SEDLAK, R; HOBZA, P
2016Probing the role of electrostatics of polypeptide main-chain in protein folding by perturbing N-terminal residue stereochemistry: DFT study with oligoalanine modelsGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; KUMAR, A; PATWARI, GN; DURANI, S
2015The propargylbenzene dimer: C-H center dot center dot center dot pi assisted pi-pi stackingKUNDU, A; SEN, S; PATWARI, GN
2005Proton affinities of borane-amines: Consequences on dihydrogen bondingPATWARI, GN
2007Proton affinity correlations between hydrogen and dihydrogen bond acceptorsSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2014Selective fluorescence sensing of polynitroaromatic explosives using triaminophenylbenzene scaffoldsVISHNOI, P; WALAWALKAR, MG; SEN, S; DATTA, A; PATWARI, GN; MURUGAVEL, R