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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Maximum likelihood estimation of noise covariance matrices for state estimation of autonomous hybrid systemsBAVDEKAR, VA; NANDOLA, NN; PATWARDHAN, SC
2008Midterm supply chain planning under uncertainty: A multiobjective chance constrained programming frameworkMITRA, K; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC; SARDAR, G
2004Modeling and predictive control of mimo nonlinear systems using Wiener-Laguerre modelsSAHA, P; KRISHNAN, SH; RAO, VSR; PATWARDHAN, SC
2014A Moving Window Formulation for Recursive Bayesian State Estimation of Systems with Irregularly Sampled and Variable Delays in MeasurementsBAVDEKAR, VA; PRAKASH, J; PATWARDHAN, SC; SHAH, SL
2017Multi-objective optimization of a reactive batch distillation process using reduced order modelREDDY, PS; RANI, KY; PATWARDHAN, SC
2012Nonlinear Bayesian state estimation: A review of recent developmentsPATWARDHAN, SC; NARASIMHAN, S; JAGADEESAN, P; GOPALUNI, B; SHAH, SL
1998Nonlinear internal model control using quadratic prediction modelsPATWARDHAN, SC; MADHAVAN, KP
1995Nonlinear predictive control of an exothermic CSTR using recursive quadratic state space modelsPATWARDHAN, SC; MADHAVAN, KP
2007Nonlinear predictive control of irregularly sampled data systems using identified observersSRINIVASARAO, M; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2007Nonlinear predictive control of irregularly sampled multirate systems using blackbox observersSRINIVASARAO, MEKA; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2002Nonlinear predictive control of systems exhibiting input multiplicities using the multimodel approachKUMAR, KK; PATWARDHAN, SC
2011On the choice of importance distributions for unconstrained and constrained state estimation using particle filterPRAKASH, J; PATWARDHAN, SC; SHAH, SL
2008Online fault diagnosis in nonlinear systems using the multiple operating regime approachDESHPANDE, AP; PATWARDHAN, SC
2009Online Sensor/Actuator Failure Isolation and Reconfigurable Control Using the Generalized Likelihood Ratio MethodDESHPANDE, AP; ZAMAD, U; PATWARDHAN, SC
2007Plant-wide detection and diagnosis using correspondence analysisDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC
2006A possibilistic clustering approach to novel fault detection and isolationDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC
2003Programming process control in embedded systemsCHATURVEDI, N; RAO, SSSP; PATWARDHAN, SC
2010Quantifying the impact of model-plant mismatch on controller performanceBADWE, AS; PATWARDHAN, RS; SHAH, SL; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2010Reparametrized ARX models for predictive control of staged and packed bed distillation columnsMUDDU, M; NARANG, A; PATWARDHAN, SC