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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Closed-loop identification using direct approach and high order ARX/GOBF-ARX modelsBADWE, AS; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2010Constrained Nonlinear State Estimation Using Ensemble Kalman FiltersPRAKASH, J; PATWARDHAN, SC; SHAH, SL
2011Constrained particle filter approach to approximate the arrival cost in Moving Horizon EstimationLOPEZ-NEGRETE, R; PATWARDHAN, SC; BIEGLER, LT
2010A constrained recursive pseudo-linear regression scheme for on-line parameter estimation in adaptive controlBADWE, AS; SINGH, A; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2008Constrained state estimation using the ensemble Kalman filterPRAKASH, J; PATWARDHAN, SC; SHAH, SIRISH L
2008A continuous stirred tank heater simulation model with applicationsTHORNHILL, NINA F; PATWARDHAN, SC; SHAH, SIRISH L
2010Control of proton exchange membrane fuel cells using data driven state space modelsMETHEKAR, RN; PATWARDHAN, SC; RENGASWAMY, R; GUDI, RD; PRASAD, V
2013DAE-EKF-Based Nonlinear Predictive Control of Reactive Distillation Systems Exhibiting Input and Output MultiplicitiesPUROHIT, JL; PATWARDHAN, SC; MAHAJANI, SM
2012Data reduction algorithm based on principle of distributional equivalence for fault diagnosisDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC
2007Data-driven model based control of a multi-product semi-batch polymerization reactorYAMUNA RANI, K; PATWARDHAN, SC
2004Data-driven modeling and optimization of semibatch reactors using artificial neural networksRANI, KY; PATWARDHAN, SC
2009Detection of model-plant mismatch in MPC applicationsBADWE, AS; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, RS; SHAH, SL; PATWARDHAN, SC
2010Development of a Closed Form Nonlinear Predictive Control Law Based on a Class of Wiener ModelsDESHPANDE, S; PATWARDHAN, SC; METHEKAR, R; RENGASWAMY, R
2009Development of ARX Models for Predictive Control Using Fractional Order and Orthonormal Basis Filter ParametrizationMADAKYARU, M; NARANG, A; PATWARDHAN, SC
2012Development of grey box state estimators for systems subjected to time correlated unmeasured disturbancesBAVDEKAR, VA; PATWARDHAN, SC
2017Experimental Evaluation of Internal Model Control Scheme on a DC-DC Boost Converter Exhibiting Nonminimum Phase BehaviorKOBAKU, T; PATWARDHAN, SC; AGARWAL, V
2009Experimental evaluation of linear model based control strategies for PEMFCsMETHEKAR, RN; PATWARDHAN, SC; RENGASWAMY, R; GUDI, RD; PRASAD, V
2010Fast Offset-Free Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Moving Horizon EstimationHUANG, R; BIEGLER, LT; PATWARDHAN, SC
2006Fault detection and isolation using correspondence analysisDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC; ROY, K
2006Fault diagnosis using correspondence analysis: implementation issues and analysisDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC