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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Rational design of noscapine family members as microtubule-targeting anticancer drugs.ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; NETTLES, JH; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2006Rational design of the microtubule-targeting anti-breast cancer drug EM015ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; ZHOU, J; VANGAPANDU, SN; GHALEB, A; YAO, J; NETTLES, JH; ZHOU, BF; GUPTA, M; PANDA, D; CHANDRA, R; JOSHI, HC
2012A Rhodanine Derivative CCR-11 Inhibits Bacterial Proliferation by Inhibiting the Assembly and GTPase Activity of FtsZSINGH, P; JINDAL, B; SUROLIA, A; PANDA, D
2006The role of the ring nitrogen and the amino group in the solvent dependence of the excited-state dynamics of 3-aminoquinolinePANDA, D; DATTA, A
2007Rotenone inhibits mammalian cell proliferation by inhibiting microtubule assembly through tubulin bindingSRIVASTAVA, P; PANDA, D
2004Ruthenium red-induced bundling of bacterial cell division protein, FtsZSANTRA, MK; BEURIA, TK; BANERJEE, A; PANDA, D
2005Sanguinarine blocks cytokinesis in bacteria by inhibiting FtsZ assembly and bundlingBEURIA, TK; SANTRA, MK; PANDA, D
2013Sanguinarine suppresses IgE induced inflammatory responses through inhibition of type II PtdIns 47kinase(s)BOJJIREDDY, N; SINHA, RK; PANDA, D; SUBRAHMANYAM, G
2014SB-RA-2001 Inhibits Bacterial Proliferation by Targeting FtsZ AssemblySINGH, D; BHATTACHARYA, A; RAI, A; DHAKED, HPS; AWASTHI, D; OJIMA, I; PANDA, D
2008SepF Increases the Assembly and Bundling of FtsZ Polymers and Stabilizes FtsZ Protofilaments by Binding along Its LengthSINGH, JK; MAKDE, RD; KUMAR, V; PANDA, D
2002Spatial relationship between the prodan site, Trp-214, and Cys-34 residues in human serum albumin and loss of structure through incremental unfoldingKRISHNAKUMAR, SS; PANDA, D
2006Suppression of microtubule dynamics by benomyl decreases tension across kinetochore pairs and induces apoptosis in cancer cellsRATHINASAMY, K; PANDA, D
2006Synthesis and biological evaluation of cyclic-ether analogs of noscapine that improved anti-tumor efficacy in vitroVANGAPANDU, S; ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2014Synthesis and evaluation of 2-heteroaryl and 2,3-diheteroaryl-1,4-naphthoquinones that potently induce apoptosis in cancer cellsTANDON, VK; MAURYA, HK; KUMAR, S; RASHID, A; PANDA, D
2008Synthesis of microtubule-interfering halogenated noscapine analogs that perturb mitosis in cancer cells followed by cell death (vol 72, pg 415, 2006)ANEJA, R; VANYAPANDU, SN; LOPUS, M; VISWESARAPPA, VG; DHIMAN, N; VERMA, A; CHANDRA, R; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2009Synthesis of nano-sized C(3)-symmetric 2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-s-triazine and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene derivatives via the trimerization followed by Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling or O-alkylation reactions and their biological evaluationKOTHA, S; KASHINATH, D; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D
2006Synthesis of potent microtubule-interfering halogenated noscapine analogs that inhibit cellular proliferation and perturb mitosisANEJA, R; VANGAPANDU, S; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2013A Synthetic Dolastatin 10 Analogue Suppresses Microtubule Dynamics, Inhibits Cell Proliferation, and Induces Apoptotic Cell DeathGAJULA, PK; ASTHANA, J; PANDA, D; CHAKRABORTY, TK
2008T-C-tuned Biocompatible suspension of La0.73Sr0.27MnO3 for magnetic hyperthermiaPRASAD, NK; RATHINASAMY, K; PANDA, D; BAHADUR, D
2009Targeting ftsz for antibacterial therapy: a promising avenueKAPOOR, S; PANDA, D