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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Multiferroic properties of Dy modified BiFeO3 thin films in comparison with Tb modified BiFeO3 thin filmsPALKAR, VR; ANISHA, R; PINTO, R; BHATTACHARYA, S
2011Multifunctional behavior of ZnO supported Bi(1-x)Dy(x)FeO(3) nanorodsMANDAL, M; CHATTERJEE, S; PALKAR, VR
2008Observation of magnetoelectric coupling in Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin films at room temperaturePALKAR, VR; PRASHANTHI, K
2017Observation of temperature effect on electrical properties of novel Au/Bi0.7Dy0.3FeO3/ZnO/p-Si thin film MIS capacitor for MEMS applicationsBHATIA, D; ROY, S; NAWAZ, S; MEENA, RS; PALKAR, VR
2007Observation of thickness dependent properties in novel multiferroic thin filmsPRASHANTHI, K; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PINTO, RICHARD; PALKAR, VR
2014Optimization of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin film by pulsed laser deposition for spin injectionJAIN, S; SHARMA, H; SHUKLA, AK; TOMY, CV; PALKAR, VR; TULAPURKAR, A
2010Processing and switching behavior of multiferroic (Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3)) microstructure arraysMANDAL, M; PRASHANTHI, K; PALURI, S; PINTO, R; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PALKAR, VR
2016Room temperature electrical properties of Bi0.7Dy0.3FeO3 thin films deposited by PLD on ZnO films for potential applicationsBHATIA, D; ROY, S; NAWAZ, S; MEENA, RS; PALKAR, VR
2016Room temperature magnetoelectric multiferroic behavior of 50 mol% Fe substituted PbTiO3 (PbTi0.5Fe0.5O3-delta) nanoparticlesAGGARWAL, S; CHAKRABARTI, S; PINTO, R; PALKAR, VR
2015Structural, optical and vibrational properties of self-assembled Pbn+1(Ti1-xFex)(n)O3n+1-delta Ruddlesden-Popper superstructuresDOIG, KI; PETERS, JJP; NAWAZ, S; WALKER, D; WALKER, M; LEES, MR; BEANLAND, R; SANCHEZ, AM; MCCONVILLE, CF; PALKAR, VR; LLOYD-HUGHES, J
2013Study of multiferroic Bi0.7Dy0.3FeO3 based tunable ring inductorMANDAL, M; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PALKAR, VR
2017Thickness dependence study of multiferroic PbTi0.5Fe0.5O3 thin films grown on Si substrate by using pulsed laser deposition techniqueNAWAZ, S; AGGARWAL, S; TULAPURKAR, AA; PALKAR, VR
2011Ultrahigh vacuum sample mount for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy up to very high temperature (150-1400 K)WILLIAMSEN, MS; RAY, SK; ZOU, Y; DUDEK, JA; SEN, S; BISSEN, M; KRETSCH, L; PALKAR, VR; ONELLION, MF; GUPTASARMA, P