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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Effect of heat treatment of preform on the mechanical properties of flow formed AISI 4130 Steel Tubes—a theoretical and experimental assessmentRAJAN, K M; DESHPANDE, P U; NARASIMHAN, K
2013Effect of Orientation, Thickness, and Composition on Properties of Ductile Iron CastingsSHINDE, VD; RAVI, B; NARASIMHAN, K
2016Effect of plastic anisotropy on forming behavior of AA-6061 aluminum alloy sheetBARNWAL, VK; TEWARI, A; NARASIMHAN, K; MISHRA, SK
2008Effect of prestrain on formability and forming limit strains during tube hydroformingNIKHARE, C; NARASIMHAN, K
1999Effect of prior cold rolling and test temperature on stress-strain rate behaviour of a Zr-2.5Nb alloyKASHYAP, BP; PATHAK, R; NARASIMHAN, K; KISHORE, R; FOTEDAR, RK; SINHA, TK
2009Effect of strain and strain path on deformation twinning and strain induced martensite in AISI 316L AND 304L austenitic stainless steelMISHRA, SK; PANT, P; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2004Effect of thickness ratio on formability of Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB)BHASKAR, VV; NARAYANA, RG; NARASIMHAN, K
2004Effect of weld conditions on the deformation behaviour of Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB)NARAYANAN, RG; BHASKAR, VV; NARASIMHAN, K
2006An electrochemical study on deformed galvanneal steel sheetsRAJA, VS; PANDAY, CK; SAJI, VS; VAGGE, ST; NARASIMHAN, K
2002Experimental studies on bursting pressure of thin-walled flow formed pressure vesselsRAJAN, KM; DESHPANDE, PU; NARASIMHAN, K
2003Failure studies on flow formed high strength pressure vessel: A case studyRAJAN, KM; NARASIMHAN, K
2015Formability and microstructure evolution during hydroforming of drawing quality welded steel tubeOMAR, A; TEWARI, A; NARASIMHAN, K
2005Formability studies on transverse tailor welded blanksBHASKAR, VV; NARASIMHAN, K
1996Formability testing of sheet metalsNARASIMHAN, K; NANDEDKAR, VM
2016Forming limit curves in low-carbon steels: improved prediction by incorporating microstructural evolutionVADAVADAGI, BH; SHEKHAWAT, SK; SAMAJDAR, I; NARASIMHAN, K
2000A hybrid intelligent systems approach for die design in sheet metal formingPILANI, R; NARASIMHAN, K; MAITI, SK; SINGH, UP; DATE, PP
2015Improved prediction of strain distribution during mechanical and hydro-mechanical deep drawing processes using microstructure-based dynamic strain hardening and anisotropyVADAVADAGI, BH; SHEKHAWAT, SK; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2008Influence of the weld conditions on the forming-limit strains of tailor-welded blanksNARAYANAN, RG; NARASIMHAN, K
1994Intelligent design environment - a knowledge-based simulations approach for sheet-metal formingPALANI, R; WAGONER, RH; NARASIMHAN, K
2008Limit strains comparison during tube and sheet hydroforming and sheet stamping processes by numerical simulationNIKHARE, C; NARASIMHAN, K