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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Selective conversion of nitroarenes using a carbon nanotube-ruthenium nanohybridJAWALE, DV; GRAVEL, E; BOUDET, C; SHAH, N; GEERTSEN, V; LI, HY; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; DORIS, E
2004Selectivities in the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxides to dicyclopentadiene and its derivativesNAMBOOTHIRI, INN; RASTOGI, N; GANGULY, B; MOBIN, SM; COJOCARU, M
2014Size effect of gold nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotube as catalysts in selected organic reactionsJAWALE, DV; GRAVEL, E; GEERTSEN, V; LI, HY; SHAH, N; KUMAR, R; JOHN, J; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; DORIS, E
2011Stereoselective construction of carbocycles and heterocycles via cascade reactions involving curcumins and nitroalkenesAYYAGARI, N; JOSE, D; MOBIN, SM; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2001Stereoselective intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloadditionsNAMBOOTHIRI, INN; HASSNER, A
2006Stereoselective Michael addition of phosphonate stabilized carbanions to nitroalkenes catalyzed by cinchonine-li complexRAI, V; MOBIN, SM; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2015Synthesis and energetic properties of high-nitrogen substituted bishomocubanesLAL, S; MALLICK, L; RAJKUMAR, S; OOMMEN, OP; RESHMI, S; KUMBHAKARNA, N; CHOWDHURY, A; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2013Synthesis and pyrolysis studies of bis(nitratomethyl)-1,3-bishomocubane-A high-energy high-density liquidRAJKUMAR, S; CHOUDHARI, RS; CHOWDHURY, A; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2014Synthesis of alpha-tribromomethylamines via Mg-mediated addition of bromoform to iminesGOPI, E; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2014Synthesis of alpha-tribromomethylamines via Mg-mediated addition of bromoform to iminesGOPI, E; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2012Synthesis of functionalized and fused furans and pyrans from the Morita-Baylis-Hillman acetates of nitroalkenesNAIR, DK; MOBIN, SM; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2013Synthesis of Fused Bromofurans via Mg-Mediated Dibromocyclopropanation of Cycloalkanone-Derived Chalcones and Cloke-Wilson RearrangementGOPI, E; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2015Synthesis of imidazoles via cascade reaction of nitroallylic acetates with amidines and studies on their trypanocidal activityKUMAR, T; VERMA, D; MENNA-BARRETO, RFS; VALENCA, WO; DA SILVA, EN; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2012Synthesis of Imidazopyridines from the Morita-Baylis-Hillman Acetates of Nitroalkenes and Convenient Access to Alpidem and ZolpidemNAIR, DK; MOBIN, SM; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2013Synthesis of Withasomnines and Their Non-natural Analogues from Aldehydes and 4-Nitro-1-butanol in Three StepsVERMA, D; KUMAR, R; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2012Tethered non-ionic micelles: a matrix for enhanced solubilization of lipophilic compoundsPATCHORNIK, G; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; NAIR, DK; WACHTEL, E; PERSKY, R