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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A dendrimer matrix for performance enhancement of evanescent wave absorption-based fiber-optic biosensorsSATIJA, J; KARUNAKARAN, B; MUKHERJI, S
2011Dendrimers in biosensors: Concept and applicationsSATIJA, J; SAI, VVR; MUKHERJI, S
2016Design and Fabrication of Lossy Mode Resonance Based U-Shaped Fiber Optic Refractometer Utilizing Dual Sensing PhenomenonPALIWAL, N; PUNJABI, N; JOHN, J; MUKHERJI, S
2016Diverse effect of surfactants on pyrene biodegradation by a Pseudomonas strain utilizing pyrene by cell surface hydrophobicity inductionGHOSH, I; MUKHERJI, S
2007Effect of an emulsifying surfactant on diesel degradation by cultures exhibiting inducible cell surface hydrophobicityMOHANTY, G; MUKHERJI, S
2016Emission of bacterial bioaerosols from a composting facility in Maharashtra, IndiaPAHARI, AK; DASGUPTA, D; PATIL, RS; MUKHERJI, S
2008Enhancement of NAPL bioavailability by induction of cell-surface hydrophobicity in Exiguobacterium aurantiacum and Burkholderia cepaciaMOHANTY, G; MUKHERJI, S
2015Estimation of carbon dioxide sequestration potential of microalgae grown in a batch photobioreactorKARGUPTA, W; GANESH, A; MUKHERJI, S
2014Evaluation of bioaugmentation and biostimulation effects on the treatment of refinery oily sludge using 2(n) full factorial designJASMINE, J; MUKHERJI, S
2016Evaluation of indigenous fresh water microalga Scenedesmus obtusus for feed and fuel applications: Effect of carbon dioxide, light and nutrient sources on growth and biochemical characteristicsCHANDRA, TS; DEEPAK, RS; KUMAR, MM; MUKHERJI, S; CHAUHAN, VS; SARADA, R; MUDLIAR, SN
2011Evanescent wave absorbance based fiber optic biosensor for label-free detection of E. coli at 280 nm wavelengthBHARADWAJ, R; SAI, VVR; THAKARE, K; DHAWANGALE, A; KUNDU, T; TITUS, S; VERMA, PK; MUKHERJI, S
2010Fabrication and characterization of novel polymer composite microcantilever sensors for explosive detectionSEENA, V; RAJORIYA, A; FERNANDES, A; DHALE, K; PANT, P; MUKHERJI, S; RAO, VR
2016Fabrication of Nearly Hemispherical Polymer Lenses Using Water Droplets as MouldsKARUNAKARAN, B; JAGIRDAR, A; PAUL, D; MUKHERJI, S
2015Facile synthesis of size and wavelength tunable hollow gold nanostructures for the development of a LSPR based label-free fiber-optic biosensorSATIJA, J; THARION, J; MUKHERJI, S
2015Facile Synthesis of Size-Tunable Silver Nanoparticles by Heteroepitaxial Growth Method for Efficient NIR SERSTHARION, J; SATIJA, J; MUKHERJI, S
2005Fast algorithms for binary cross-correlationMUKHERJI, S
2008Geochemistry of shales from the Paleoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic Vindhyan Supergroup: Implications on provenance, tectonics and paleoweatheringPAIKARAY, S; BANERJEE, S; MUKHERJI, S
2014Glucose mediated synthesis of gold nanoshells: A facile and eco-friendly approach conferring high colloidal stabilityTHARION, J; SATIJA, J; MUKHERJI, S
2014Gold nanoparticle coated U-bend fibre optic probe for localized surface plasmon resonance based detection of explosive vapoursBHARADWAJ, R; MUKHERJI, S
2017Growth and biochemical characteristics of an indigenous freshwater microalga, Scenedesmus obtusus, cultivated in an airlift photobioreactor: effect of reactor hydrodynamics, light intensity, and photoperiodCHANDRA, TS; ADITI, S; KUMAR, MM; MUKHERJI, S; MODAK, J; CHAUHAN, VS; SARADA, R; MUDLIAR, SN