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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Linearly polarized gluons in charmonium and bottomonium production in the color octet modelMUKHERJEE, A; RAJESH, S
2004Mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced polymer-wrapped concrete columns-complicating effectsMUKHERJEE, A; BOOTHBY, TE; BAKIS, CE; JOSHI, MV; MAITRA, SR
1997Modeling initial design process using artificial neural networks - ClosureMUKHERJEE, A; DESHPANDE, JM
2005A natural osmolyte trimethylamine N-oxide promotes assembly and bundling of the bacterial cell division protein, FtsZ and counteracts the denaturing effects of ureaMUKHERJEE, A; SANTRA, MK; BEURIA, TK; PANDA, D
2004Natural osmolyte trimethylamine N-oxide promotes assembly and bundling of the prokaryotic cell division protein, ftsz and counteracts the denaturing effects of ureaPANDA, D; MUKHERJEE, A; SANTRA, MK
2000A neuro-fuzzy tool for CT-PT contact detection in a pressurized heavy water reactorMUKHERJEE, A; SHIVAPRASAD, K; MOORTHY, RIK; KAKODKAR, A
2015Next-to-leading order calculation for jets defined by a maximized jet functionKAUFMANN, T; MUKHERJEE, A; VOGELSANG, W
2003Numerical characterization of functionally graded active materials under electrical and thermal fieldsJOSHI, S; MUKHERJEE, A; SCHMAUDER, S
2013Off-axis excitation of hydrogenlike atoms by twisted photonsAFANASEV, A; CARLSON, CE; MUKHERJEE, A
2016On Gravitational Form Factors and Transverse Spin Sum RuleCHAKRABARTI, D; MONDAL, C; MUKHERJEE, A
2014On transverse spin sum rulesHARINDRANATH, A; KUNDU, R; MUKHERJEE, A
1996Optimization of the shape of a hole in laminated composite materialsMUKHERJEE, A
2007Parton distributions in impact parameter spaceDAHIYA, H; MUKHERJEE, A; RAY, S
2005Performance of glass fiber-reinforced polymer reinforcing bars in tropical environments - Part II: Microstructural testsMUKHERJEE, A; ARWIKAR, SJ
2009Performance of reinforced concrete beams externally prestressed with fiber compositesMUKHERJEE, A; RAI, GL
2012Photon Generalized Parton DistributionsMUKHERJEE, A; NAIR, S
2002Piezoelectric sensor and actuator spatial design for shape control of piezolaminated platesMUKHERJEE, A; JOSHI, S
2002Piezolaminated beams with large deformationsMUKHERJEE, A; CHAUDHURI, AS
1997A ply drop-off element for analysis of tapered laminated compositesVARUGHESE, B; MUKHERJEE, A