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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Impact of CI Doping on Electrochemical Performance in Orthosilicate (Li2FeSiO4): A Density Functional Theory Supported Experimental ApproachSINGH, S; RAJ, AK; SEN, R; JOHARI, P; MITRA, S
2014Improved electrochemical activity of nanostructured Li2FeSiO4/MWCNTs composite cathodeSINGH, S; MITRA, S
2014Improved electrochemical performance of SnO2-mesoporous carbon hybrid as a negative electrode for lithium ion battery applicationsSRINIVASAN, NR; MITRA, S; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2014Improved electrode fabrication method to enhance performance and stability of MoS2-based lithium-ion battery anodeSEN, UK; MITRA, S
2015The influence of electrode structure on the performance of an SnS anode in Li-ion batteries: effect of the electrode particle, conductive support shape and additiveTRIPATHI, AM; MITRA, S
2014Intercalation Anode Material for Lithium Ion Battery Based on Molybdenum DioxideSEN, UK; SHALIGRAM, A; MITRA, S
2016Intercalation based tungsten disulfide (WS2) Li-ion battery anode grown by atomic layer depositionNANDI, DK; SEN, UK; DHARA, A; MITRA, S; SARKAR, SK
2017Intermediate phases in sodium intercalation into MoS2 nanosheets and their implications for sodium-ion batteriesLI, QQ; YAO, ZP; WU, JS; MITRA, S; HAO, SQ; SAHU, TS; LI, Y; WOLVERTON, C; DRAVID, VP
2016Iron phosphide (FeP) synthesis, and full cell lithium-ion battery study with a [Li(NiMnCo)O-2] cathodeVELURI, PS; MITRA, S
2013Li2MnO3 rich-LiMn0.33Co0.33Ni0.33O2 integrated nano-composites as high energy density lithium-ion battery cathode materialsRAJARATHINAM, S; MITRA, S; PETLA, RK
2014Li3V2(PO4)(3) Addition to the Olivine Phase: Understanding the Effect in Electrochemical PerformanceSARKAR, S; MITRA, S
2014Lithium Rich Composition of Li2RuO3 and Li2Ru1-xIrxO3 Layered Materials as Li-Ion Battery CathodeSARKAR, S; MAHALE, P; MITRA, S
2014Morphology controlled synthesis of layered NH4V4O10 and the impact of binder on stable high rate electrochemical performanceSARKAR, S; VELURI, PS; MITRA, S
2005Multiple outlier detection in multivariate data using self-organizing maps titleNAG, AK; MITRA, A; MITRA, S
2009Na(I)/Cu(I-II) heterometallic cages interconnected by unusual linear 2-coordinate OCN-Cu(I)-NCO links: synthesis, structural, magnetostructural correlation and computational studiesRAY, A; ROSAIR, GM; RAJEEV, R; SUNOJ, RB; RENTSCHLER, E; MITRA, S
2013Nickel ferrite as a stable, high capacity and high rate anode for Li-ion battery applicationsKUMAR, PR; MITRA, S
2014One-Dimensional, Additive-Free, Single-Crystal TiO2 Nanostructured Anodes Synthesized by a Single-Step Aerosol Process for High-Rate Lithium-Ion BatteriesCHADHA, TS; TRIPATHI, AM; MITRA, S; BISWAS, P
2014Phase Transition, Electrochemistry, and Structural Studies of High Rate LixV3O8 Cathode with Nanoplate MorphologySARKAR, S; BHOWMIK, A; BHARADWAJ, MD; MITRA, S
2015Porous alpha-Fe2O3 nanostructures and their lithium storage properties as full cell configuration against LiFePO4VELURI, PS; SHALIGRAM, A; MITRA, S
2016Preparation, structure study and electrochemistry of layered H2V3O8 materials: High capacity lithium-ion battery cathodeSARKAR, S; BHOWMIK, A; PAN, J; BHARADWAJ, MD; MITRA, S