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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antibacterial and Phyto-chemical Analysis of Some Medicinal Plants and their Efficacy on Multidrug Resistant BacteriaKUMAR, S; SINGH, AK; VERMA, SK; MISRA, R; SENIYA, C
2013Deciphering the role of multiple hydrogen bonding sites on the microsolvation of 3-(phenylamino)-2-cyclohexen-1-one with water in the excited statesMISRA, R; MAITY, DK; BHATTACHARYYA, SP
2015Interplay of micro- and macroscopic solvation in spectral responses of PACO in 1,4-dioxane-water mixtures: A combined experimental and quantum chemical analysisMISRA, R; CHAKRABORTY, P; ROY, SC; MAITY, DK; BHATTACHARYYA, SP
1998Recursive algorithm for steady flow in a canal networkMISRA, R
2007Shear flow dispersion under wave and currentPATIL, S; RASTOGI, AK; QING-HE, Z; MISRA, R; UKRANDE, SK
1998Simulation of border irrigation system using explicit MacCormack finite difference methodDHOLAKIA, M; MISRA, R; ZAMAN, MS
1996Spatially varied steady flow in irrigation canalsMISRA, R
1995Steady flow simulation in irrigation canalsMISRA, R
2016Tailoring of spectral response and intramolecular charge transfer in beta-enaminones through band gap tuning: synthesis, spectroscopy and quantum chemical studiesMISRA, R; CHAKRABORTY, P; ROY, SC; MAITY, DK; BHATTACHARYYA, SP
2014Time-resolved spectral analysis of prompt emission from long gamma-ray bursts with GeV emissionRAO, AR; BASAK, R; BHATTACHARYA, J; CHANDRA, S; MAHESHWARI, N; CHOUDHURY, M; MISRA, R
2000Water quality modelling in distribution networksRAJPARA, G; MISRA, R