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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Optimisation of the new time-modulated CVD process using the Taguchi methodALI, N; NETO, F; MEI, S; CABRAL, G; KOUSAR, Y; TITUS, E; OGWU, AA; MISRA, DS; GRACIO, J
2012Oxygen plasma assisted end-opening and field emission enhancement in vertically aligned multiwall carbon nanotubesMATHUR, A; ROY, SS; HAZRA, KS; WADHWA, S; RAY, SC; MITRA, SK; MISRA, DS; MCLAUGHLIN, JA
2008Parameter window of diamond growth on GaN films by microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionMOHAPATRA, DIPTI R; RAI, PADMNABH; MISRA, ABHA; TYAGI, PK; YADAV, BRAJESH S; MISRA, DS
2007Photoluminescence study of polycrystalline and single crystal diamondMOHAPATRA, DIPTI R; RAI, PADMNABH; MISRA, ABHA; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, DS
2012Plasma modified flexible bucky paper as an efficient counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cellsROY, S; BAJPAI, R; JENA, AK; KUMAR, P; KULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, DS
2011Polar and longitudinal magneto-optical spectroscopy of bismuth substituted yttrium iron garnet films grown by pulsed laser depositionVEIS, M; LISKOVA, E; ANTOS, R; VISNOVSKY, S; KUMAR, N; MISRA, DS; VENKATARAMANI, N; PRASAD, S; KRISHNAN, R
2009Polymer-mediated shape-selective synthesis of ZnO nanostructures using a single-step aqueous approachPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; MISRA, DS; BAHADUR, D
2004Preparation of Ni-filled carbon nanotubes for key potential applications in nanotechnologyTYAGI, PK; SINGH, MK; MISRA, A; PALNITKAR, U; MISRA, DS; TITUS, E; ALI, N; CABRAL, G; GRACIO, J; ROY, M; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
2006Pressure-induced phase transitions in cobalt-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubesKARMAKAR, S; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, DS; SHARMA, SM
2007Proton events at geostationary altitude during 2005, their relationship to solar wind and IMF parameters, and their 'geoeffectiveness'RAJARAM, G; REDDY, AC; ALYANA, R; RATHOD, J; MISRA, DS; PATIL, CG; PRASAD, MYS
2005Quantitative analysis of hydrogen in chemical vapor deposited diamond filmsTITUS, E; MISRA, DS; SIKDER, AK; TYAGI, PK; SINGH, MK; MISRA, A; ALI, N; CABRAL, G; NETO, VF; GRACIO, J
2008Relationship between interplanetary (IP) parameters and geomagnetic indices during IP shock events of 2005RATHOD, J; RAJARAM, G; ALYANA, R; REDDY, AC; MISRA, DS; PATIL, CG; PRASAD, MYS; ANANTH, AG
2007RF sputter deposited nanocrystalline (110) magnetite thin film from alpha-Fe2O3 targetBOHRA, M; VENKATARAMANI, N; PRASAD, S; KUMAR, N; MISRA, DS; SAHOO, SC; KRISHNAN, R
2011The role of tunneling barrier modification for the saturation current of carbon nanotube field emission in strong electric fieldHAZRA, KS; JAIN, V; MISRA, DS
2008Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles From The Conference On Advanced Nano-Materials 2007 (Anm 2007)MISRA, DS; TITUS, E
2008Selective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes by double plasma chemical vapour deposition techniqueCABRAL, G; TITUS, E; MISRA, DS; GRACIO, J
2005Single crystalline nickel nanorods inside carbon nanotubes: Growth behavior, structure, and magnetic propertiesTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; SINGH, MK; TITUS, E; MISRA, DS; GHATAK, J; SATYAM, PV; ROY, M
2006Step growth in single crystal diamond grown by microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; UNNI, KNN; RAI, P; SINGH, MK; PALNITKAR, U; MISRA, DS; LE NORMAND, F; ROY, M; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
1998Stoichiometry of the diamond/silicon interface and its influence on the silicon content of diamond filmsSHARDA, T; VAIDYA, A; MISRA, DS; BHARGAVA, S; BIST, HD; VELUCHAMY, P; MINOURA, H; SELVAM, P