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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Healing of Broken Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Using Very Low Energy Electrons in SEM: A Route Toward Complete RecoveryKULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, A; HAZRA, KS; ROY, S; BAJPAI, R; MOHAPATRA, DR; MISRA, DS
2006Hexagonal diamond synthesis on h-GaN strained filmsMISRA, A; TYAGI, PK; YADAV, BS; RAI, P; MISRA, DS; PANCHOLI, V; SAMAJDAR, ID
2002High density of multiwalled carbon nanotubes observed on nickel electroplated copper substrates by microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionSINGH, MANOJ K; SINGH, PRABHAKAR P; TITUS, E; MISRA, DS; LENORMAND, F
1998High resolution Auger electron spectroscopy studies on (100) and (111) facets of chemical vapor deposited diamondSHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; SEIBT, EW; SELVAM, P
2007High-pressure behaviour of Ni-filled and Fe-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubesPOSWAL, HK; KARMAKAR, S; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, DS; BUSETTO, E; SHARMA, SM; SOOD, AK
2005High-resolution transmission electron microscopy mapping of nickel and cobalt single-crystalline nanorods inside multiwalled carbon nanotubes and chirality calculationsTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; SINGH, MK; MISRA, DS; GHATAK, J; SATYAM, PV; LE NORMAND, F
2008Hydrogen in chemical vapour deposited carbon nanotubes : an active site for functionalizationTITUS, E; CABRAL, G; MADALENO, JC; COELHO, MC; BABU, PR; BLAU, WJ; MISRA, DS; GRACIO, J
1996Hydrogen in chemical vapour deposited diamond filmsSHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; AVASTHI, DK
2011Improved field emission from multiwall carbon nanotubes with nano-size defects produced by ultra-low energy ion bombardmentHAZRA, KS; KORATKAR, NA; MISRA, DS
2008The influence of substrate temperature and annealing on the properties of pulsed laser-deposited YIG films on fused quartz substrateNARESH KUMAR; SHIVA PRASAD; MISRA, DS; VENKATARAMANI, N; BOHRA, MURTAZA; KRISHNAN, R
1996Influence of the hydrogen content on the mechanical properties of chemical vapour deposited diamondSHARDA, T; SIKDER, AK; MISRA, DS; AVASTHI, DK; MEHTA, GK; BHARGAVA, S; BIST, HD
2001Interesting trends in direct current electrical conductivity of chemical vapor deposited diamond sheetsSIKDER, AK; MISRA, DS; PALNITKAR, U; SHIRODKAR, VS
2012Investigation of Metal-Induced Enhancement in Electrical Conductance of Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesKULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, A; BAJPAI, R; ROY, S; MISRA, DS
2006Large room temperature magnetization in nanocrystalline zinc ferrite thin filmsBOHRA, M; PRASAD, S; KUMAR, N; MISRA, DS; SAHOO, SC; VENKATARAMANI, N; KRISHNAN, R
2015Localized transformation of few-layered graphene producing graphitic shells with nanoparticle cores for catalytic applicationsROY, S; BAJPAI, R; KORATKAR, N; MISRA, DS
2004Magnetic properties of pulsed laser ablated YIG thin films on different substratesNARESH KUMAR; MISRA, DS; VENKATARAMANI, N; SHIVA PRASAD; KRISHNAN, R
2006Melting and defect generation in chemical vapor deposited diamond due to irradiation with 100 MeV Au+ and Ag+ ionsMISRA, DS; PALNITKAR, UMESH; TYAGI, PK; SINGH, MANOJ K; TITUS, E; AVASTHI, DK; VASA, P; AYYUB, PUSHAN
2008Nanotip formation on a carbon nanotube pillar array for field emission applicationRAI, P; MOHAPATRA, DR; HAZRA, KS; MISRA, DS; TIWARI, SP
2001Nature of confinement of phonons in nanocrystalline CVD diamondARORA, AK; RAVINDRAN, TR; REDDY, GLN; SIKDER, AK; MISRA, DS