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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998DC electrical conductivity of chemical vapour deposited diamond sheets: a correlation with hydrogen content and paramagnetic defectsSIKDER, AK; JACOB, AP; SHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; PANDEY, M; KABIRAJ, D; AVASTHI, DK
2017Defining the Role of Silicon Substrate Orientation on the Polycrystalline Diamond Film: A Novel Approach for Characterizing Faceted MicrostructuresJAIN, L; KRISHNA, KVM; PRASAD, A; MEHTANI, HK; MISRA, DS; MISRA, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2017Delamination/Rupture of Polycrystalline Diamond Film: Defining Role of Shear AnisotropyJAIN, L; BAJPAI, R; BASU, R; MISRA, DS; SAMAJDAR, I
2007Deposition of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films with enhanced sp3-C bonding on nanocrystalline palladium interlayerROY, MAINAK; MALI, KUNAL; JOSHI, NIRAJ; MISRA, DS; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
2011Development of Crystallographic Texture and In-Grain Misorientation in CVD-Produced Single and Polycrystalline DiamondMOHAPATRA, DR; JAIN, L; RAI, P; HAZRA, KS; SAMAJDAR, I; MISRA, DS
2014Diameter control of single wall carbon nanotubes synthesized using chemical vapor depositionROY, S; BAJPAI, R; SOIN, N; ROY, SS; MCLAUGHLIN, JA; MISRA, DS
1999Diamond deposition on Ni/Ni-diamond coated stainless steel substrateSIKDER, AK; SHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; CHANDRASEKARAM, D; VELUCHAMY, P; MINOURA, H; SELVAM, P
2003Diamond nucleation and growth on zeolitesTITUS, E; SINGH, MK; UNNI, KNN; TYAGI, PK; DUA, AK; ROY, M; MISRA, DS
2007Differences between CME associated and CH associated RED events during 2005ALYANA, R; RAJARAM, G; RATHOD, J; REDDY, AC; MISRA, DS; PATIL, CG; PRASAD, MYS
1996Dissociation kinetics of molecular hydrogen in a microwave plasma and its influence on the hydrogen content in diamond filmsSHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; AVASTHI, DK; MEHTA, GK
2009Dramatic Enhancement of the Emission Current Density from Carbon Nanotube Based Nanosize Tips with Extremely Low Onset FieldsHAZRA, KS; RAI, P; MOHAPATRA, DR; KULSHRESTHA, N; BAJPAI, R; ROY, S; MISRA, DS
2003Effect of heavy ion irradiation on self-supported diamond sheetsPALNITKAR, UMESH; SHIRODKAR, VS; SINGH, MANOJ K; TITUS, E; TYAGI, PK; UNNI, KN; MISRA, DS; AYYUB, PUSHAN; AVASTHI, DK
2017Effect of Interplay Between Isotropic Gases on Microstructural Evolution of Single Crystal DiamondJAIN, L; MOHAPATRA, DR; BASU, R; MISRA, DS; MISRA, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2010Effect of top metal contact on electrical transport through individual multiwalled carbon nanotubesKULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, A; SRINIVASAN, S; HAZRA, KS; BAJPAI, R; ROY, S; VAIDYA, G; MISRA, DS
2013Electrical Transport and Breakdown in Graphene Multilayers Loaded with Electron Beam Induced Deposited PlatinumKUSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, A; KORATKAR, N; MISRA, DS
2013Electrical transport and electromigration studies on nickel encapsulated carbon nanotubes: possible future interconnectsKULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, A; MISRA, DS
2005Electron diffraction study of pulsed laser deposited thin films using a YIG targetKUMAR, N; MISRA, DS; PRASAD, S; SAMAJDAR, I; VENKATARAMANI, N; KRISHNAN, R
2004Electronic sputtering of carbon allotropesGHOSH, S; AVASTHI, DK; TRIPATHI, A; KABIRAJ, D; SINGH, S; MISRA, DS
2008Energy dependence of near-relativistic electron spectrum at geostationary orbit during the SEP events of 2005REDDY, AC; RATHOD, J; RAJARAM, G; ALYANA, R; MISRA, DS; PATIL, CG; PRASAD, MYS; ANANTH, AG
2011Enhanced and Stable Field Emission from in Situ Nitrogen-Doped Few-Layered Graphene NanoflakesSOIN, N; ROY, SS; ROY, S; HAZRA, KS; MISRA, DS; LIM, TH; HETHERINGTON, CJ; MCLAUGHLIN, JA