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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Climate change modeling based public health resource planning for Narmada basin, IndiaJAIN, R; MISHRA, S
2017Defining a relationship between pearlite morphology and ferrite crystallographic orientationDURGAPRASAD, A; GIRI, S; LENKA, S; KUNDU, S; MISHRA, S; CHANDRA, S; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I
2007Deformation twinning in AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel: role of strain and strain pathMISHRA, S; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2017Depositional palaeoenvironment and economic potential of Khadsaliya lignite deposits (Saurashtra Basin), western India: Based on petrographic, palynofacies and geochemical characteristicsSINGH, VP; SINGH, BD; SINGH, A; SINGH, MP; MATHEWS, RP; DUTTA, S; MENDHE, VA; MAHESH, S; MISHRA, S
2013Diverging Diamond Interchange Analysis: Planning ToolMAJI, A; MISHRA, S; JHA, MK
2012Effect of Mechanical Arc Oscillation on the Grain Structure of Mild Steel Weld MetalMAHAJAN, S; BIRADAR, NS; RAMAN, R; MISHRA, S
2017Effect of microstructure and cutting speed on machining behavior of Ti6Al4V alloyTELRANDHE, SV; SAXENA, AK; MISHRA, S
2008An experimental and theoretical study of gas tungsten arc welding of stainless steel plates with different sulfur concentrationsMISHRA, S; LIENERT, TJ; JOHNSON, MQ; DEBROY, T
2016Flowering to bloom of PeV scale supersymmetric left-right symmetric modelsYAJNIK, UA; SARKAR, A; MISHRA, S; BORAH, D
2009Gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking and the cosmology of the left-right symmetric modelMISHRA, S; YAJNIK, UA; SARKAR, A
2006A genetic algorithm and gradient-descent-based neural network with the predictive power of a heat and fluid flow model for weldingMISHRA, S; DEBROY, T
2016H2S detection using low-cost SnO2 nano-particle Bi-layer OFETsSURYA, SG; ASHWATH, BSN; MISHRA, S; KARTHIK, ARB; SASTRY, AB; PRASAD, BLV; RANGAPPA, D; RAO, VR
2017Investigation of holdup and axial dispersion of liquid phase in a catalytic exchange column using radiotracer techniqueKUMAR, R; PANT, HJ; GOSWAMI, S; SHARMA, VK; DASH, A; MISHRA, S; BHANJA, K; MOHAN, S; MAHAJANI, SM
2009Laser rapid manufacturing of bi-metallic tube with Stellite-21 and austenitic stainless steelGANESH, P; KAUL, R; MISHRA, S; BHARGAVA, P; PAUL, CP; SINGH, CP; TIWARI, P; OAK, SM; PRASAD, RC
2010Mechanisms for Transportation Infrastructure Investment in Developing CountriesKHASNABIS, S; DHINGRA, SL; MISHRA, S; SAFI, C
2009Microstructure evolution in three FCC materials during limited Dome height testMISHRA, S; PANT, P; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2017Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of as-Drawn and Laboratory Annealed Pearlitic Steel WiresDURGAPRASAD, A; GIRI, S; LENKA, S; KUNDU, S; MISHRA, S; CHANDRA, S; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I
2013Multiobjective Optimization Model for Transit Fleet Resource AllocationMISHRA, S; SHARMA, S; MATHEW, TV; KHASNABIS, S
2009On the affinity of Chuaria-Tawuia complex: A multidisciplinary studySHARMA, M; MISHRA, S; DUTTA, S; BANERJEE, S; SHUKLA, Y
2016On the Impact of Time-Zero Variability, Variable NBTI, and Stochastic TDDB on SRAM CellsMISHRA, S; MAHAPATRA, S