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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Formation of 5-phenyl-1,2-dithiole-3-thione from molybdenum dithiopropiolato complexesMATHUR, PRADEEP; AVASARE, VIDYA D; GHOSH, ABHIJIT K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
1999Formation of vinyl ether derivatives in the reaction of tributyltin hydride with cluster supported fischer carbene complexes: structural characterisation of [(CO)6Fe2Te2{μ-PhC=CC(OEt)}W(CO)5]MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, SUNDARGOPAL; UMBARKAR, SHUBHANGI B; WALAWALKAR, MRINALINI G; PURANIK, VEDAVATI G
2003Insertion of CS2 into a metal acetylide bond and conversion of the bonding mode of S2CC≡CPh from η2 to η3MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, ABHIJIT K; MUKHOPADHYAY, SARBANI; CHIMALAKONDA, SRINIVASU; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2008Iron pentacarbonyl assisted photochemical route to 2,5- and 2,6-divinyl-substituted 1,4-benzoquinones from 1-ene-3-ynesMATHUR, PRADEEP; AVASARE, VIDYA D; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
1998Isolation and characterization of [Fe2(CO)6Se2{μ-(CO)3Cr(η5-C5(H)(CH2Ph)(Ph)(OEt)}], [(CO)6Fe2{μ-EC(Ph)=C(E′)C(H)(OEt)}]2 and [(CO)6Fe2{μ-SC(H)(Ph)C(Te)=C(H)(OEt)}] from the thermolysis of Fischer carbene adducts [(CO)6Fe2EE′{μ-C(Ph)=C–C(OEt)=Cr(CO)5}] (E,E′=Se and E=S, E′=Te)MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, SUNDARGOPAL; SARKAR, AMITABHA; RHEINGOLD, ARNOLD L; GUZEI, ILIA A
2006Kinetic investigations of the mechanism of dihydrogen driven catalytic reduction of methylene blue, safranine O, methyl viologen and ferricyanide using platinum carbonyl cluster anions (Chini-clusters) as catalystSEN GUPTA, NALINAVA; MATHUR, PRADEEP; DOBLE, MUKESH; BHADURI, SUMIT
1999Non-linear optical properties of the mixed-metal mixed-chalcogen clusters [Fe2(CO)6{μ-SeC(Ph)=C(Se)}{(OEt)C=Cr(CO)5}] and [Fe2(CO)6Se2{μ-(CO)3Cr(η5-C5H(CH2Ph)(Ph)(OEt)}]PHILIP, REJI; RAVINDRA KUMAR, G; MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, SANJUKTA
2000Nonlinear optical properties of mixed Mo/Fe, mixed chalcogen clusters Cp2Mo2Fe2STe(CO)7 and Cp2Mo2Fe2(μ3-S)(μ3-Te)(μ2-SPh)(μ3-H)(CO)5PHILIP, REJI; RAVINDRA KUMAR, G; MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSE, S
2007Palladium(II)/allylpalladium(II) complexes with xanthate ligands: single-source precursor for the generation of palladium sulfide nanocrystalsSINGHAL, ANUSHU; DUTTA, DP; TYAGI, AVESH K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M; MATHUR, PRADEEP; LIEBERWIRTH, INGO
2006Photochemical reactions of Fe(CO)5 with FcC≡CH in the presence of S-powder and CS2: synthesis and characterization of [{μ-SC(H)=C(Fc)S}(CO)6Fe2], [μ-SC(O)C(H)=C(Fc)S}(CO)6Fe2]; cis-[μ-η1:η2:η1:η1-{C(Fc)=C(H)CS2C(H)=C(Fc)}(CO)6Fe2] and trans -[μ-η1:η2:η1:η1-{C(Fc)=C(H)CS2C(Fc)=C(H)}(CO)6Fe2]MATHUR, PRADEEP; SINGH, VINAY K; SINGH, AMRENDRA K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M; THÖNE, CARSTEN
2007Photochemical route to unusual tri-tungsten ferrocenylacetylene cluster [W3{μ-η2,η2-(H)C≡CFc}2(CO)12] and a dimetallacyclodecatetraene [W2{μ-η2,η2,η2,η2-(Fc)C=C(H)C(H)=C(Fc)C(Fc)=C(H)C(H)=C(Fc)}(CO)6]MATHUR, PRADEEP; CHATTERJEE, SAURAV; DAS, ATANU; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2003Reactivity of metal acetylides with chalcogen-bridged metal carbonyl cluster in presence of free alkyne molecule: synthesis and characterisation of [(η5-C5Me5)MFe3(μ3-S){(μ3-C(H)=C(R)S}(CO)6(μ3-CCPh)] (R=Ph, n-Bu and M=W, Mo) and [(η5-C5Me5)MFe3(μ3-S){(μ3-C(Fc)=C(H)S}(CO)7(μ3-CCPh)] (M=W, Mo)MATHUR, PRADEEP; BHUNIA, ANJAN K; CHIMALAKONDA, SRINIVASU; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2002Reactivity studies of monoacetylide species towards chalcogen-bridged mixed-metal clusters:: Synthesis and characterisation of [(η5-C5H5)2Fe2RuM2(CO)6(μ3-E)2{μ4-CC(Ph)C(Ph)C}] (M=Mo, W; E=S, Se) and [(η5-C5H5)2Fe2Ru2M2(CO)9(μ3-E)2{μ-CCPh}2] (M=W, E=S, Se)MATHUR, PRADEEP; CHIMALAKONDA, SRINIVASU; MOAWIA, AHMED O; PURANIK, VEDAVATI G; UMBARKAR, SHUBHANGI B
2000Synthesis and characterisation of [Fe2M3(μ4-E)(μ3-E′)(CO)17] and [Os3(μ3-E)(μ3-E′)(CO)9] (M=Os or Ru; E=S, Se, Te; E′=Se, Te)MATHUR, PRADEEP; PAYRA, PRAMATHA; GHOSE, SANJUKTA; HOSSAIN, MDMUNKIR; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; CHICOTE, FERNANDO O; CHADHA, RAJ K
1999Synthesis and characterisation of cis and trans isomers of the mixed chalcogen clusters Cp2Mo2Fe2(CO)8(μ3-S)(μ3-Se) and Cp2Mo2Fe2(CO)8(μ3-S)(μ3-Te)MATHUR, PRADEEP; CHATTERJEE, SAURAV; GHOSE, SARBANI; MAHON, MARY F
1998Synthesis and structural characterisation of a mixed Mo/Fe, mixed chalcogen, PhS-bridged clusterMATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, SANJUKTA; HOSSAIN, MDMUNKIR; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; DRAKE, JOHN E
2009Synthesis and X-ray investigation of novel Fe and Mn phenyltellurenyl-halide complexes: (CO)3FeBr2(PhTeBr), (η5-C5H5)Fe(CO)2(PhTeI2) and CpMn(CO)2(PhTeI)TORUBAEV, YURY; PASYNSKII, ALEXANDER; MATHUR, PRADEEP
1998Synthesis, characterisation and nonlinear optical properties of tetrahedral clusters Cp2Mo2ME(CO)7, (M=Fe, Ru, Os; E=S, Se)MATHUR, PRADEEP; GHOSH, SANJUKTA; HOSSAIN, MDMUNKIR; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; CHADHA, RAJ K; BANERJEE, SUDEEP; RAVINDRA KUMAR, G
2004Synthesis, characterisation and redox behaviour of isocyanide incorporated, chalcogen stabilised mixed-metal clustersMATHUR, PRADEEP; CHATTERJEE, SAURAV; LAHIRI, GOUTAM KUMAR; CHAKRABORTY, SOMA; KALDIS, JOHN H; MCGLINCHEY, MICHAEL J
2001Synthesis, structure and electrochemistry of acetylide-bridged mixed metal cluster [Fe2(CO)6(μ3-S)2W{(η5-C5H5)W(CO)3(CCPh)}2]MATHUR, PRADEEP; MUKHOPADHYAY, SARBANI; MOAWIA, AHMED O; LAHIRI, GOUTAM KUMAR; CHAKRABORTY, SOMA; PURANIK, VEDAVATI G; BHADBHADE, MOHAN M; UMBARKAR, SHUBHANGI B