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1998An unusual cyclopentaannulation reaction: Thermolysis of an alpha,beta-unsaturated Fischer carbene complex anchored on a Fe-2(CO)(6)(mu-Se)(2) coreMATHUR, P; GHOSH, S; SARKAR, A; RHEINGOLD, AL; GUZEI, IA
1997Unusual formation of vinyl ether derivatives in the reaction of tributyltin hydride with Fischer carbene complexes anchored on a chalcogen-stabilized iron carbonyl clusterMATHUR, P; GHOSH, S; SARKAR, A; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; DRAKE, JE; YANG, JC
2009Vapor-Diffusion-Mediated Single Crystal-to-Single Crystal Transformation of a Discrete Dimeric Copper(II) Complex to a Discrete Tetrameric Copper(II) ComplexMOBIN, SM; SRIVASTAVA, AK; MATHUR, P; LAHIRI, GK
2011Varying structural motifs in oxyanions (NO(3)(-), CO(3)(2-)) and phenoxyacetate (PhOAc(-)) bridged coordination polymers derived from alkoxo-bridged dicopper building blocks with {Cu(2)O(2)} coreMOBIN, SM; SRIVASTAVA, AK; MATHUR, P; LAHIRI, GK
2008(Z)-Diiodo(2-iodo-2-phenylvinyl)(phenyl)tellurium PhIC=CHTeI2Ph: Synthesis and Complexing Properties in a Reaction with Iron PentacarbonylTORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; MATHUR, P
Showing results 153 to 157 of 157
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