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1998Designed construction of mixed-metal, mixed chalcogenide clustersMATHUR, P
1996Diacetylene-bridged clusters: Synthesis and Characterization of (CO)(6)Fe2Se2{mu-HC=C(C equivalent to CR)}, {(CO)(6)Fe2Se2}(2){mu-HC-C(C equivalent to CR)}(R=Me on n-Bu) and (CO)(6)Fe2Se2(mu-HC=CC-CCH3)Os-3(CO)(10)MATHUR, P; HOSSAIN, MM; RHEINGOLD, AL
1998Diacetylenic derivatives of Fe-2(CO)(6)(mu-EE '): Spectroscopic investigations of Fe-2(CO)(6){mu-EC(H)=C(C CMe)E '} (E = E ', E not equal E '; E, E ' = S, Se, Te)MATHUR, P; DASH, AK
2000Dihydrogen-driven dehydrogenase catalyzed reactions in a biphasic system with a redox active dye as the shuttle carrier.PAYRA, P; BHADURI, S; MATHUR, P
1997Diyne-bridged metal clusters: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of [(CO)(6)Fe2Se2{mu-HC=C(CCR)}M] (R=Me and Bu-n; M=Cp2Mo2(CO)4, Co-2(CO)(6), Ru-3(CO)(10) and Os-3(CO)(10)). Structural characterization of [(CO)(6)Fe2Se2{mu-HC=C((CCBu)-Bu-n)}Cp2Mo2(CO)(4)] and [(CO)(6)Fe2Se{mu-HC=C(CCMe)}Ru-3(CO)(10)]MATHUR, P; DASH, AK; HOSSAIN, MM; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; RHEINGOLD, AL; LIABLESANDS, LM; YAP, GPA
1989Facile synthesis of ru3(co)9(mu-3-te)2 (os3(co)9(mu-3-te)2 and the synthesis and characterization of the novel cluster fe2os3(co)17(mu-4-te)(mu-3-te)MATHUR, P; MAVUNKAL, IJ; RUGMINI, V
2009Fe(CO)(5) promoted C-S bond activation and formation of an unusual C(2)S(3) ligand in [{Fe(2)(CO)(6)}(2)(mu-C(2)S(3))]MATHUR, P; BOODIDA, S; JI, RS; MOBIN, SM
1996[{Fe-2(CO)(6)(mu(3)-Se)(mu(3)-Te)}(2)Mo(CO)(2)]: A novel mixed-metal, mixed-chalcogenide cluster with an unusual structureMATHUR, P; SEKAR, P
2010ForewordMATHUR, P
2013Formation of (E)-[FcC(PS2(OR)(2))= CH(PS2(OR)(2))] (R = Me, Et, Pr-i) in photolytic reactions of ferrocenylacetylene and [(RO)(2)PS2H] in hexane/alcohols: Experimental and DFT studyMATHUR, P; JI, RS; PATHAK, B; MOBIN, SM
2015Formation of 3,5-Dithio-cyclopentenyl Ligand on Fe-2(CO)(6) Support from Photochemical Reaction of Internal Acetylenes with [Fe(CO)(5)] in Presence of CS2MATHUR, P; TAUQEER, M; JI, RS; RAI, DK; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK
2004Formation of mixed Fe/W/S complexes bearing oxo and acetylide ligands : synthesis and characterization of [(eta(5)-C5Me5)W2Fe2(CO)(6)(O)(2)(mu-O)(mu(3)-S)(2) (eta(1):eta(2)-CCR)] (R=Ph, (Me)C=CH2) and [(eta(5)-C5Me5)W2Fe2(CO)(6)(O)(mu-O)(mu(3)-S)(2) (eta(1):eta(2)-CCR)(eta(2)-RCCH)] (R=Ph, (Me)C=CH2)MATHUR, P; BHUNIA, AK; MOBIN, SM
2008Formation of N-methylated cyclic ligand systems from unusual reactions between trimethylamine N-oxide and acetylenes on Fe3Te2(CO)(9) and contrast with reactions on Fe3E2(CO)(9) (E = S, Se)MATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; MOHANTY, JR; CHATTERJEE, S; MOBIN, SM
1994Functionalization of a diacetylene on the mixed-chalcogenide compound fe2(co)6(mu-ste) - structural characterization of (co)6fe2(mu-sc(c-equivalent-to-cch3)=c(h)te)MATHUR, P; HOSSAIN, MM; DATTA, SN; KONDRU, RK; BHADBHADE, MM
2004Fusion of optical and microwave remote sensing data for snow cover mappingVENKATARAMAN, G; MAHATO, BC; RAVI, S; RAO, YS; MATHUR, P; SNEHMANI
1995Group 16 elements as ligands in cluster synthesis and activation of some organic-speciesMATHUR, P
2007INOR 1005-Time-resolved and chemical trapping determination of singlet oxygen quantum yield generated by metallo-phthalocyanine photosensitizationMATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; CHATTERJEE, S; DAS, A; MOBIN, SM
1997Inorganic quadricyclanes: Synthesis and characterization of novel sulfur- and selenium-bridged mixed Cr/Fe clusters, CrFe2(CO)(10)E(4) (E=S, Se). Crystal structure of CrFe2(CO)(10)Se-4MATHUR, P; SEKAR, P; RHEINGOLD, AL; LIABLESANDS, LM