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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Photoisomerization of amphiphilic azobenzene derivatives in Langmuir Blodgett films prepared as polyion complexes, using ionic polymersSHEMBEKAR, VISHAKHA R; CONTRACTOR, AQ; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS
2003Poly[1,4-(bis-3-quinolyl)-buta-1,3-diyne] nonlinear optical properties and its Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgett film formationBALOGH, DT; MENDONÇA, CR; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; ZILIO, SC; OLIVEIRA, ON
1999Polyaniline-CdS composite films obtained from polyaniline-cadmium arachidate multilayersDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; CONTRACTOR, AQ; KUMAR, NP; NARANG, SN; MAJOR, SS; MUTHE, KP; VYAS, JC
1997Preparation and characterization of mixed LB films of polyaniline and cadmium arachidateDHANABALAN, A; DABKE, RB; DATTA, SN; KUMAR, NP; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; CONTRACTOR, AQ
2006Reactively sputtered GaAsxN1-x thin filmsYADAV, BRAJESH S; MAJOR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS
2008Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies of GaN films deposited by reactive rf sputtering of GaAs targetBISWAS, A; BHATTACHARYYA, D; SAHOO, NK; YADAV, BS; MAJOR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS
2011Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies of reactively sputtered nitrogen-rich GaAsN filmsBISWAS, A; YADAV, BS; BHATTACHARYYA, D; SAHOO, NK; MAJOR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS
2012Spectroscopic studies of large sheets of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide monolayers prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett techniqueSUTAR, DS; NARAYANAM, PK; SINGH, G; BOTCHA, VD; TALWAR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2013Strong and Tunable Blue Luminescence from Cd1-xZnxS Alloy Nanocrystallites Grown in Langmuir-Blodgett MultilayersNARAYANAM, PK; SONI, P; SRINIVASA, RS; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, SS
2009Strong blue excitonic emission from CdS nanocrystallites prepared by LB techniqueMANDAL, P; TALWAR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2014Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown chemically on sputtered GaN buffer layersNANDI, R; JOSHI, P; SINGH, D; MOHANTA, P; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
1999Structural assembly of Cd-arachidate molecules in multilayersVITTA, S; METZGER, TH; MAJOR, SS
1996Structure of CdS nanoparticles containing cadmium arachidate LB filmsDHANABALAN, A; KUDROLLI, H; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS
1998Structure of CdS-Cd-arachidate/arachidic acid composite multilayersVITTA, S; METZGER, TH; MAJOR, SS; DHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS
2002Structure of CdS–arachidic acid composite LB multilayersPRASANTH KUMAR, N; NARANG, SN; MAJOR, SS; VITTA, SATISH; TALWAR, SS; DUBCEK, P; AMENITSCH, H; BERNSTORFF, S
2005Structure of polymorphic phases in zinc arachidate LB multilayersPRASANTH KUMAR, N; MAJOR, SS; VITTA, SATISH; TALWAR, SS; GUPTA, AJAY; DASANNACHARYA, BA
1997Study of Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgett films of indium arachidateDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, SS
2013Study of simultaneous reduction and nitrogen doping of graphene oxide Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer sheets by ammonia plasma treatmentSINGH, G; SUTAR, DS; BOTCHA, VD; NARAYANAM, PK; TALWAR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2008Substrate temperature dependence of growth mode, microstructure and optical properties of highly oriented zinc oxide films deposited by reactive sputteringSINGH, SUKHVINDER; GANGULI, TAPAS; RAVI KUMAR; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2014Transparent conducting Ga-doped ZnO thin films grown by reactive co-sputtering of Zn and GaAsSINGH, D; SINGH, S; KUMAR, U; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS