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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A comprehensive modeling framework for gate stack process dependence of DC and AC NBTI in SiON and HKMG p-MOSFETsGOEL, N; JOSHI, K; MUKHOPADHYAY, S; NANAWARE, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2006Comprehensive simulation of program, erase and retention in charge tapping flash memoriesPAUL, A; CHSRIDHAR; GEDAM, S; MAHAPATRA, S
2008A comprehensive study of flicker noise in plasma nitrided SiON p-MOSFETs : process dependence of pre-existing and NBTI stress generated trap distribution profilesKAPILA, G; GOYAL, N; MAHETA, VD; OLSEN, C; AHMED, K; MAHAPATRA, S
2000A comprehensive study of hot-carrier induced interface and oxide trap distributions in MOSFETs using a novel charge pumping techniqueMAHAPATRA, S; PARIKH, CD; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VISWANATHAN, CR; VASI, J
2004A comprehensive trapped charge profiling technique for SONOS flash EEPROMsNAIR, PR; BHARATH KUMAR, P; SHARMA, RAVINDER; MAHAPATRA, S; KAMOHARA, S
2017Consistency of the Two Component Composite Modeling Framework for NBTI in Large and Small Area p-MOSFETsCHAUDHARY, A; FERNANDEZ, B; PARIHAR, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2005Controlling injected electron and hole profiles for better reliability of split gate SONOSSRIDHAR, K; BHARATH KUMAR, P; MAHAPATRA, S; MURAKAMI, E; KAMOHARA, S
2004Cycling endurance of NOR flash EEPROM cells under CHISEL programming operation - impact of technological parameters and scalingNAIR, DR; SHUKURI, S; MAHAPATRA, S
2008Defect generation in p-MOSFETs under negative-bias stress: an experimental perspectiveMAHAPATRA, S; ALAM, MA
2017Dephasing rates for weak localization and universal conductance fluctuations in two dimensional Si: P and Ge: P delta-layersSHAMIM, S; MAHAPATRA, S; SCAPPUCCI, G; KLESSE, WM; SIMMONS, MY; GHOSH, A
2003A detailed experimental investigation of impact ionization in n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors at very low drain voltagesANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I
2014A Detailed Study of Gate Insulator Process Dependence of NBTI Using a Compact ModelJOSHI, K; MUKHOPADHYAY, S; GOEL, N; NANWARE, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2007Development of a 3D simulator for metal Nanocrystal (NC) flash memories under NAND operationNAINANI, A; PALIT, S; SINGH, PK; GANGULY, U; KRISHNA, N; VASI, J; MAHAPATRA, S
2008Development of an ultrafast on-the-fly I DLIN technique to study NBTI in plasma and thermal oxynitride p-MOSFETsMAHETA, VD; NARESH KUMAR, E; PURAWAT, S; OLSEN, C; AHMED, K; MAHAPATRA, S
2000Device scaling effects on hot-carrier induced interface and oxide-trapped charge distributions in MOSFETsMAHAPATRA, S; PARIKH, CD; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VISWANATHAN, CR; VASI, J
2002Device scaling effects on substrate enhanced degradation in MOS transistorsMOHAPATRA, NR; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR
1999A direct charge pumping technique for spatial profiling of hot-carrier induced interface and oxide traps in MOSFETsMAHAPATRA, S; PARIKH, CD; VASI, J; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VISWANATHAN, CR
2017Dislocation density and strain-relaxation in Ge1-xSnx layers grown on Ge/Si (001) by low-temperature molecular beam epitaxyKHIANGTE, KR; RATHORE, JS; SHARMA, V; BHUNIA, S; DAS, S; FANDAN, RS; POKHARIA, RS; LAHA, A; MAHAPATRA, S
2000Drain bias dependence of gate oxide reliability in conventional and asymmetrical channel MOSFETs in the low voltage regimeANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VASI, J