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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Magnetism and spin dynamics in the cluster compound [Cr4S(O2CCH3)(8)(H2O)(4)](NO3)(2)center dot H2OFURUKAWA, Y; LUBAN, M; BORSA, F; JOHNSTON, DC; MAHAJAN, AV; MILLER, LL; MENTRUP, D; SCHNACK, J; BINO, A
2006NMR study of lineshifts and relaxation rates of the one-dimensional antiferromagnet LiCuVO4KEGLER, C; BUTTGEN, N; VON NIDDA, HAK; LOIDL, A; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; PROKOFIEV, AV; ASSMUS, W
2006P-31 NMR study of Na2CuP2O7: an S=1/2 two dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systemNATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; BUTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; HEMBERGER, J; LOIDL, A
2006P-31 NMR study of the spin S=1/2 quasi-1D Heisenberg antiferromagnet BaCuP2O7MAHAJAN, AV; NATH, R; BUTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; LOIDL, A; BOBROFF, J
2013PbCu3TeO7: an S=1/2 staircase kagome lattice with significant intra-plane and inter-plane couplingsKOTESWARARAO, B; KUMAR, R; CHAKRABORTY, J; JEON, BG; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I; KIM, KH; CHOU, FC
2013Possible spin-orbit driven spin-liquid ground state in the double perovskite phase of Ba3YIr2O9DEY, T; MAHAJAN, AV; KUMAR, R; KOTESWARARAO, B; CHOU, FC; OMRANI, AA; RONNOW, HM
2009Reply To "Comment On 'Electronic Structure Of Spin-(1)/(2) Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Systems: Ba(2)Cu(Po(4))(2) And Sr(2)Cu(Po(4))(2)' "SALUNKE, S; AHSAN, MAH; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2009Spin dynamics in Heisenberg triangular antiferromagnets: A mu SR study of LiCrO(2)OLARIU, A; MENDELS, P; BERT, F; ALEXANDER, LK; MAHAJAN, AV; HILLIER, AD; AMATO, A
2007Spin-gap behavior in the two-leg spin-ladder BiCu2PO6KOTESWARARAO, B; SALUNKE, S; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I; BOBROFF, J
2012Spin-liquid behavior in J(eff)=1/2 triangular lattice compound Ba3IrTi2O9DEY, T; MAHAJAN, AV; KHUNTIA, P; BAENITZ, M; KOTESWARARAO, B; CHOU, FC
2005Study of one-dimensional nature of S=1/2 (Sr,Ba)(2)Cu(PO4)(2) and BaCuP2O7 via P-31 NMRNATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; BUTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; LOIDL, A; BOBROFF, J
2004Universal behavior of spinless defects in the Haldane chain Y 2Ba(Ni,Zn)O5: A study via bulk (squid) and local (NMR) probesDAS, J; MAHAJAN, AV; BOBROFF, J; ALLOUL, H
2009Vortex dynamics and frustration in two-dimensional triangular chromium latticesHEMMIDA, M; VON NIDDA, HAK; BUTTGEN, N; LOIDL, A; ALEXANDER, LK; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; BERGER, RF; CAVA, RJ; SINGH, Y; JOHNSTON, DC
2000Y-89 NMR probe of Zn induced local magnetism in YBa2(Cu1-yZny)(3)O6+xMAHAJAN, AV; ALLOUL, H; COLLIN, G; MARUCCO, JF
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