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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An Acyclic Dimer of Cyclodiphosphazane {(t)BuHN((t)BuNP)(2)OCH(2)}(2) Containing Alkoxo and Amido Functionalities: Synthesis, Derivatization, Bi- (Pd(II), Rh(I)), and Tetranuclear (Pd(II), Au(I), Rh(I)Au(I)) Transition Metal ComplexesBALAKRISHNA, MS; VENKATESWARAN, R; MAGUE, JT
2006Aminophosphines derived from morpholine and N-methylpiperazine: Synthesis, oxidation reactions and transition metal complexesBALAKRISHNA, MS; SURESH, D; GEORGE, PP; MAGUE, JT
2006Bis(2-diphenylphosphinoxynaphthalen-1-yl)methane: transition metal chemistry, Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and homogeneous hydrogenation of olefinsPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Bis(acetylacetonato-kappa O-2,O ')[2,2 '-methylenebis(4,6-xylenolato)-kappa O-2,O ']titanium(IV)BALAKRISHNA, MS; PANDA, R; MAGUE, JT
2008Bi-, tetra-, and hexanuclear au-i and binuclear ag-i complexes and ag-i coordination polymers containing phenylaminobis(phosphonite), phn{p(oc6h4ome-o)(2)}(2), and pyridyl ligandsGANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JT; TUONONEN, HM
2010Conformational Studies of Substituted Chromans: Crystal Structures of 2,2 '-(1E,1 ' E)-(2,3-Dimethylchroman-2,4-diyl)bis(Azan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(Methan-1-yl-1-ylidene)Diphenol (I) and 2,2 '-(1E,1 ' E)-(2-Ethyl-3-Methylchroman-2,4-diyl)bis(Azan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(Methan-1-yl-1-ylidene)Diphenol (II)MAGUE, JT; THEIVARASU, C; SURESH, D; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2013Copper and palladium complexes of 2-(diphenylphosphino)-N, N-dimethylbenzylamine and its selenide derivativeANANTHNAG, GS; EDUKONDALU, N; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2009Copper(I) complexes of a thioether-functionalized short-bite aminobis(phosphonite), [PhN{P(-OC(10)H(6)(mu-S)C(10)H(6)O-)}(2)]PUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; MOBIN, SM; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2006Copper(I) coordination polymers[{Cu(mu-X)}(2){RP(mu-(NBu)-Bu-t)}(2)](n) (R = OC6H4OMe-o; X = Cl, Br, and I) and their reversible conversion into mononuclear complexes [CuX{(RP(mu-(NBu)-Bu-t))(2)}(2)]: Synthesis and structural characterizationCHANDRASEKARAN, P; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2011Cyclodiphosphazane appended with thioether functionality: Synthesis, transition metal chemistry and catalytic application in Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactionsBALAKRISHNA, MS; SURESH, D; MAGUE, JT
2007Cyclodiphosphazane cis-{(o-MeOC6H4O)P(mu-NtBu)}(2) as a bridging bidentate ligand: Synthesis, structures of heterometallic complexes, and halogen exchange between Rh-Cl and Cu-X (X = Br, I)CHANDRASEKARAN, P; MAGUE, JT; VENKATESWARAN, R; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2005Cyclodiphosphazanes with hemilabile ponytails: Synthesis, transition metal chemistry (Ru(II), Rh(I), Pd(II), Pt(II)), and crystal and molecular structures of mononuclear (Pd(II), Rh(I)) and Bi- and tetranuclear rhodium(I) complexesCHANDRASEKARAN, P; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Di- and tetranuclear copper(i) complexes containing phenylaminobis(phosphonite), phn{p(oc6h4ome-o)(2)}(2), and their reactivity toward bipyridyl ligandsGANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; GEORGE, PP; MAGUE, JT
2009Di- and tetranulcear Ru(II) complexes of phenylene-1,4-diaminotetra(phosphonite), p-C(6)H(4)[N{P(OC(6)H(4)OMe-o)(2)}(2)](2) and their catalytic investigation towards transfer hydrogenation reactionsGANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JT
2010Dinuclear Copper(I) Complexes Containing Cyclodiphosphazane Derivatives and Pyridyl Ligands: Synthesis, Structural Studies, and Antiproliferative Activity toward Human Cervical and Breast Cancer CellsBALAKRISHNA, MS; SURESH, D; RAI, A; MAGUE, JT; PANDA, D
2009Di-, tetra- and polynuclear Rh(I) complexes containing phenylene-1,4-diaminotetra(phosphonite), p-C(6)H(4)[N{P(OC(6)H(4)OMe-o)(2)}(2)](2) and their catalytic investigation towards transfer hydrogenation reactionsGANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JT
2004First example of a heptacyclic tetranuclear, five- and six-coordinate titanium complex, [{((PrO)-Pr-i)(2)Ti(mu(3)-O)TiCl((PrO)-Pr-i)((OC6H4)(2)PPh)}(2)]PRIYA, S; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JT
2009Gold(I) complexes of cyclodiphosphazanes cis-{RP(mu-N(t)Bu)}(2): structure of a novel tetranuclear gold(I) macrocycle, [{Au{(o-MeOC(6)H(4)O)P(mu-N(t)Bu)}(2)}(4)](ClO(4))(4)CHANDRASEKARAN, P; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2009Group 11 metal chemistry of a tetradentate ligand, phenylene-1,4-diaminotetra(phosphonite), p-c(6)h(4)[n{p(oc(6)h(4)ome-o)(2)}(2)](2)GANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JT
2007Group 11 metal complexes of the mesocyclic thioether aminophosphonites [-OC10H6(mu-S)C10H6O-]PNC4H8E (E = O, NMe)PUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
Showing results 3 to 22 of 51
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