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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Laminar Burning Velocity of Methane-Air Mixtures at Elevated TemperaturesAKRAM, M; SAXENA, P; KUMAR, S
2012Laminar Burning Velocity of Propane/CO2/N-2-Air Mixtures at Elevated TemperaturesAKRAM, M; KISHORE, VR; KUMAR, S
2012Measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity of Liquified Petrolium Gas Air Mixtures at Elevated TemperaturesAKRAM, M; KUMAR, S
2015Meeting Report: "Proteomics from Discovery to Function:'' 6th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India and International Conference-A Milestone for the Indian Proteomics CommunityGUPTA, S; REDDY, PJ; RAY, S; ATAK, A; GOLLAPALLI, K; JAIN, R; SHAH, VG; GHANTASALA, S; KUMAR, S; PANDALA, NG; PHAPALE, P; PANDEY, VK; ZINGDE, S; SRIVASTAVA, S
2000Metabolic fate of glutamate and evaluation of flux through the 4-aminobutyrate (GABA) shunt in Aspergillus nigerKUMAR, S; PUNEKAR, NS; SATYANARAYAN, V; VENKATESH, KV
1997The metabolism of 4-aminobutyrate (GABA) in fungiKUMAR, S; PUNEKAR, NS
2013Methanol reformation for hydrogen production from a single channel with cavitiesNEHE, P; KUMAR, S
2010Modeling of lifted methane Jet flames in a vitiated coflow using a new flame extinction modelKUMAR, S; GOEL, SK
2013Molecular Dynamic Simulation and Inhibitor Prediction of Cysteine Synthase Structured Model as a Potential Drug Target for TrichomoniasisSINGH, S; SABLOK, G; FARMER, R; SINGH, AK; GAUTAM, B; KUMAR, S
2014A new approach to model turbulent lifted CH4/air flame issuing in a vitiated coflow using conditional moment closure coupled with an extinction modelROY, RN; KUMAR, S; SREEDHARA, S
1994A new criterion to predict necking failure under biaxial stretchingKUMAR, S; DATE, PP; NARASIMHAN, K
2015Novel Route for Agmatine Catabolism in Aspergillus niger Involves 4-GuanidinobutyraseKUMAR, S; SARAGADAM, T; PUNEKAR, NS
2014Numerical investigation of thermal response of laser irradiated tissue phantoms embedded with optical inhomogeneitiesKUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Numerical investigations of unsteady flame propagation in stepped microtubesSINGH, AP; RATNAKISHORE, V; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2013On the formation of spinning flames and combustion completeness for premixed fuel-air mixtures in stepped tube microcombustorsDESHPANDE, AA; KUMAR, S
2008Optimization of flow forming process parameters through design of experiments for thrust chambers for aerospace applicationsMATHAI, RK; KUMAR, S; IYENGAR, NK
2013Oscillating and rotating flame patterns in radial microchannelsMINAEV, S; FURSENKO, R; SERESHCHENKO, E; FAN, AW; KUMAR, S
2009Palladium complexes of amido-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenes as effective precatalysts for the Suzuki-Miyaura C-C cross-coupling reactions of aryl bromides and iodidesKUMAR, S; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2015Paramagnetic magnetization signals and curious metastable behaviour in field-cooled magnetization of a single crystal of superconductor 2H-NbSe2KUMAR, S; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; GROVER, AK
Showing results 62 to 81 of 127
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