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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Flow visualization of waterflooding with horizontal and vertical wellsSANTHOSH, V; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; KUMAR, MS
2015Giant anomalous Hall effect in ultrathin Si/Fe bilayersDAS, SS; KUMAR, MS
2006High magnetoresistance and low coercivity in electrodeposited Co/Cu granular multilayersGHOSH, SK; GROVER, AK; CHOWDHURY, P; GUPTA, SK; RAVIKUMAR, G; ASWAL, DK; KUMAR, MS; DUSANE, RO
1999Induced magnetic anisotropy, stress and hysteresis in FeCoV/TiNx multilayersKUMAR, MS; BONI, P; HORISBERGER, M
2002Influence of interstitial nitrogen on the structural and magnetic properties of FeCoV/TiNx multilayersKUMAR, MS; BONI, P
2017Magnetization and anomalous Hall effect in SiO2/Fe/SiO2 trilayersDAS, SS; KUMAR, MS
2008Magnetotransport and structural properties of nanocrystalline FeAgAl thin filmsPATIL, PB; ROUT, S; RAO, ARB; KUMAR, MS
2005Morphology and resistivity of Al thin films grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxyJOSHI, N; DEBNATH, AK; ASWAL, DK; MUTHE, KP; KUMAR, MS; GUPTA, SK; YAKHMI, JV
2008Nanogranular Fe-Cu-Ag thin films: Structure, microstructure and giant magnetoresistanceROUT, S; KUMAR, MS; BHATTACHARYA, S; ASWAL, DK; GUPTA, SK
2004Neutron reflectivity and interface roughness in Ni/Ti and FeCoV/TiNx supermirrorsKUMAR, MS; BONI, P; HORISBERGER, M
2003Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, hysteresis and structural properties of nanostructured FeCoV/Ti multilayersKUMAR, MS; BONI, P; HORISBERGER, M
2004Polarized neutron reflectivity of FeCoV/Ti multilayersKUMAR, MS; SHAH, VR; SCHANZER, C; BONI, P; KRIST, T; HORISBERGER, M
2009Realization of room temperature ferromagnetism in Zn(1-x)Cr(x)O thin films grown by RF magnetron sputteringELANCHEZHIYAN, J; BHUVANA, KP; GOPALAKRISHNAN, N; CHANG, Y; SIVANANTHAN, S; KUMAR, MS; BALASUBRAMANIAN, T
2006Relationship between neutron reflectivity, electrical resistance, stress, and embrittlement in reactively sputtered Ni/Ti multilayers and supermirrorsKUMAR, MS; BONI, P; HORISBERGER, M
2007Structure, microstructure, and giant magnetoresistance in nanogranular FeAgNi thin filmsTIWARI, A; ROUT, S; PATIL, PB; KUMAR, MS
2008Structure, morphology and magnetization of Fe-Pd thin filmsROUT, S; KUMAR, MS
2013Study of structure, microstructure and giant magnetoresistance in nanogranular FeCuAg thin films with wide concentration rangeROUT, S; KUMAR, MS
2010Superparamagnetism and giant magnetoresistance in sputtered FeCuAg granular filmsROUT, S; KUMAR, MS; ASWAL, DK; GUPTA, SK
2009Temperature dependence of magnetization in Fe-Pd thin filmsKUMAR, MS
2010Vacancy-mediated room-temperature ferromagnetism in Zn(1-x)Mn(x)O thin filmsGOPALAKRISHNAN, N; BALAKRISHNAN, L; SRIMATHY, B; KUMAR, MS; BALASUBRAMANIAN, T