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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Modeling of dynamic hysteresis for grain-oriented laminations using a viscosity-based modified dynamic Jiles-Atherton modelBAGHEL, APS; SHEKHAWAT, SK; KULKARNI, SV; SAMAJDAR, I
2015Modelling of minor hysteresis loops in rolling and transverse directions of grain-oriented laminationsBAGHEL, APS; CHWASTEK, K; KULKARNI, SV
2009Modelling volatility clustering in electricity price return series for forecasting value at riskKARANDIKAR, RG; DESHPANDE, NR; KHAPARDE, SA; KULKARNI, SV
1998A modified approach to overfluxing analysis of transformersKOPPIKAR, DA; KULKARNI, SV; KHAPARDE, SA; ARORA, B
2013MTL-Based Analysis to Distinguish High-Frequency Behavior of Interleaved Windings in Power TransformersKANE, MM; KULKARNI, SV
2005Multi-attribute decision making approach for strategic planning of DGsAGALGAONKAR, AP; KULKARNI, SV; KHAPARDE, SA
2008Multi-port network and 3D finite-element models for accurate transformer calculations: Single-phase load-loss testESCARELA-PEREZ, R; KULKARNI, SV; MELGOZA, E
2010A novel approach for on-line deformation diagnostics of transformer windingsJOSHI, PM; KULKARNI, SV
2004Novel modeling and solution approach for repeated finite-element analysis of eddy-current systemsKULKARNI, SV; NABI, MU; SULE, VR
2010Numerical modeling of electromagnetic weldingKORE, SD; DHANESH, P; KULKARNI, SV; DATE, PP
1982On calculation of breakdown voltages of mixtures of electron attaching gasesNEMA, RS; KULKARNI, SV; HUSAIN, E
2012Parameter identification of the Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model using a hybrid techniqueBAGHEL, APS; KULKARNI, SV
2008Power engineering laboratories at IIT BombayKULKARNI, AM; FERNANDES, BG; KULKARNI, SV; KHAPARDE, SA
2007Quantifying price risk of electricity retailer based on CAPM and RAROC methodologyKARANDIKAR, RG; KHAPARDE, SA; KULKARNI, SV
2002Results of 10-Joule wire-burn test performed on 70 kV rail-gap crowbar protection system for high power klystrons and gyrotronSRINIVAS, YSS; KUSHWAH, M; KULKARNI, SV; SATHYANARAYANA, K; KHILAR, PL; PAL, B; SHAH, P; MAKWANA, AR; KADIA, BR; PARMAR, KM; DANI, S; SINGH, R; PARMAR, KG; BORA, D
2010Solution of a low-frequency coupled electromagnetic problem using the wavelet-Galerkin methodKAUSHIK, K; KULKARNI, SV
2010Strategic evaluation of bilateral contract for electricity retailer in restructured power marketKARANDIKAR, RG; KHAPARDE, SA; KULKARNI, SV
2000Stray loss evaluation in power transformers-a reviewKULKARNI, SV; KHAPARDE, SA
2003Three-phase load flow methods for radial distribution networksBHUTAD, AG; KULKARNI, SV; KHAPARDE, SA
2012Towards short-circuit proof design of power transformersBAKSHI, A; KULKARNI, SV