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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analysis of sympathetic inrush phenomena in transformers using coupled field-circuit approachKUMBHAR, GB; KULKARNI, SV
2010Analysis of winding disk in transformer under action of axial electromagnetic forces by Green's function approachBAKSHI, A; KULKARNI, SV
2010Analytical description for zero-sequence characteristics of five-legged core construction in transformersBHIDE, RS; KULKARNI, SV; BHANDARKAR, PB
2009Analytical Description of the Load-Loss Asymmetry Phenomenon in Three-Phase Three-Limb TransformersESCARELA-PEREZ, R; KULKARNI, SV; ALVAREZ-RAMIREZ, J; KAUSHIK, K
2002Anode modulator power supplies for continuous duty 500 kW klystrons (TH2103D) & 200 kW gyrotron (VGA8000A19)KUSHWAH, M; PAL, B; SRINIVAS, YSS; SATHYANARAYANA, K; KHILAR, PL; SHAH, P; KULKARNI, SV; MAKWANA, AR; KADIA, BR; PARMAR, KM; DANI, S; SINGH, R; PARMAR, KG; BORA, D
2011Application of electromagnetic impact technique for welding copper-to-stainless steel sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV; KUMAR, S; RANI, D; KULKARNI, MR; DESAI, SV; RAJAWAT, RK; NAGESH, KV; CHAKRAVARTY, DP
2007Applications of coupled field formulations to electrical machineryKUMBHAR, GB; KULKARNI, SV; ESCARELA-PEREZ, R; CAMPERO-LITTLEWOOD, E
2008Approaches for numerical simulation of partial dischargesBHANGAONKAR, AVINASH S; KULKARNI, SV
2007Asymmetry during load-loss measurement of three-phase three-limb transformersESCARELA-PEREZ, R; KULKARNI, SV; KODELA, NK; OLIVARES-GALVAN, JC
1988Broad band pulse detection studies of partial discharges in presence of solid dielectrics in -CF6N2 mixturesKULKARNI, SV; NEMA, RS
1982Calculation of sparking potentials of SF6 and SF6-GAS mixtures in uniform and non-uniform electric fieldsNEMA, RS; KULKARNI, SV; HUSAIN, E
2015Comprehensive modelling of dynamic hysteresis loops in the rolling and transverse directions for transformer laminationsBAGHEL, APS; GUPTA, A; CHWASTEK, K; KULKARNI, SV
2014Coupled Electromagnetic-Structural Analysis of the Spiraling Phenomenon in a Helical Winding of a Power TransformerBAKSHI, A; KULKARNI, SV
2006Coupled magneto-mechanical field computationsKANK, A; KUMBHAR, GB; KULKARNI, SV
2003Discussion of "Reducing losses in distribution transformers".KULKARNI, SV
2014Dynamic Loss Inclusion in the Jiles-Atherton (JA) Hysteresis Model Using the Original JA Approach and the Field Separation ApproachBAGHEL, APS; KULKARNI, SV
2007Effect of process parameters on electromagnetic impact welding of aluminum sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV
2017Electromagnetic cloaking in higher order spherical cloaksSIDHWA, HH; AIYAR, RPRC; KULKARNI, SV
2009Electromagnetic Impact Welding of Al-to-Al-Li SheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV; KUMAR, S; KULKARNI, MR; DESAI, SV; RAJAWAT, RK; NAGESH, KV; CHAKRAVARTY, DP
2008Electromagnetic impact welding of aluminum to stainless steel sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV