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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Magnetoelectric coupling in 0.5Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.35PbTiO(3)-0.15PbZrO(3) and CoFe2O4 based particulate compositesVADLA, SS; KULKARNI, AR; NARAYANAN, V
2008Melt mixed composites of poly(ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) ionomers and multiwall carbon nanotubes: Influence of specific interactionsBOSE, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; CHAWLEY, M; KODGIRE, PV; KULKARNI, AR; MISRA, A; POTSCHKE, P
2011Melt-Mixed Polypropylene/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Blends with Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Compatibilizer and Modifier on Morphology and Electrical ConductivityKHARE, RA; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KULKARNI, AR
2007Microbe-mediated nanotransformation: CadmiumJHA, AK; PRASAD, K; KULKARNI, AR
2003Microstructure and dielectric properties of strontium barium niobate ceramics synthesized by partial coprecipitationPATRO, PK; KULKARNI, AR; HARENDRANATH, CS
2000Mixed alkali effect in the ac conductivity of glassesKULKARNI, AR; LUNKENHEIMER, P; LOIDL, A
2013Morphology and dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of ternary polymer blends of polyamide6, polypropylene, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene co-polymer: Influence of compatibilizer and multiwall carbon nanotubesPANDA, B; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KULKARNI, AR
2015Nano-composite LiMnPO4 as new insertion electrode for electrochemical supercapacitorsPRABAHARAN, SRS; STAR, RA; KULKARNI, AR; MICHAEL, MS
2010Nanocrystalline yttria stabilized zirconia by metal-PVA complexationOJHA, PK; RATH, SK; CHONGDAR, TK; KULKARNI, AR
1998PEO based solid polymer electrolyte plasticized by dibutyl phthalateSUKESHINI, AM; KULKARNI, AR; SHARMA, A
2009Phase transition in Na(2)SO(4): all five polymorphic transformations in DSCBOBADE, SM; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2011Physical and thermal behaviour of Sr-La-Al-B-Si based SOFC glass sealants as function of SrO content and B(2)O(3)/SiO(2) ratio in the matrixOJHA, PK; RATH, SK; CHONGDAR, TK; GOKHALE, NM; KULKARNI, AR
2009Plant system: Nature's nanofactoryJHA, AK; PRASAD, K; PRASAD, K; KULKARNI, AR
2008PMSE 177-Assessing the state of dispersion of multiwall carbon nanotubes in co-continuous immiscible polymer blendsKHARE, RA; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; BOSE, S; KULKARNI, AR
2007PMSE 246-Supramolecular self-assembly in a disk-cube dyad molecule based on triphenylene and polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (poss)BOSE, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KULKARNI, AR
1996POE modified PDMS-POE-NaClO4 polymer electrolytes for solid state batteriesSHAYAMALA, S; PATNI, MJ; KULKARNI, AR
2002Polymer electrolytes : opportunities and challengesKULKARNI, AR
2009PP/ABS Blends with Carbon Black: Morphology and Electrical PropertiesHOM, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KHARE, RA; KULKARNI, AR; SAROOP, M; BISWAS, A
2010Preparation and characterization of cordierite filled PTFE laminates for microwave substrate applicationsMURALI, KP; RAJESH, S; JACOB, KS; PRAKASH, O; KULKARNI, AR; RATHEESH, R
2009Preparation and properties of silica filled PTFE flexible laminates for microwave circuit applicationsMURALI, KP; RAJESH, S; PRAKASH, O; KULKARNI, AR; RATHEESH, R