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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Economic metallization technique for ceramic-to-metal sealsDAS, S; TIWARI, AN; KULKARNI, AR; SYUNRY, TS
1998Effect of aliovalent cation doping ion the electrical conductivity of Na2SO4: Role of charge and size of the dopantSINGHVI, A; GOMATHY, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2001Effect of aliovalent doping on the electrical conductivity of the Li2SO4-Na2SO4 binaryGOMATHY, S; SHUKLA, M; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2016Effect of alkaline excess on sintering, microstructural, and electrical properties of Li0.12Na0.88NbO3 ceramicsMITRA, S; PATRO, PK; KULKARNI, AR
2007Effect of homogeniety on microstructure, dielectric, and ferroelectric properties of strontium barium niobatePATRO, PK; KULKARNI, AR; GUPTA, SM; HARENDRANATH, CS
1999Effect of homovalent anion doping on the conductivity and phase transitions in Na2SO4GOMATHY, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2002Effect of preparative parameters on the electrical conductivity of Li2SO4–Al2O3 compositesGOPALAN, P; BHANDARI, S; KULKARNI, AR; PALKAR, VR
2014Effect of sintering temperature on composition, microstructure and electrical properties of K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ceramicsSINGH, R; KULKARNI, AR; HARENDRANATH, CS
2015Effect of surface grafting coefficient and chain length of fatty acids on the luminescence of neodymium(3+)-doped LaF3 nanoparticlesNAMPOOTHIRI, PK; GANDHI, MN; KULKARNI, AR
2010Effects of silane coatings in aqueous and non-aqueous media on the properties of magnesia filled PTFE laminatesMURALI, KP; RAJESH, S; PRAKASH, O; KULKARNI, AR; RATHEESH, R
1996Electrical behaviour of attritor processed Al/PMMA compositesSINGH, V; TIWARI, AN; KULKARNI, AR
2008Electrical conductivity in polymer blends/multiwall carbon nanotubesKULKARNI, AR; BOSE, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR
2002Electrical conductivity studies on the plasticised PEO-DBP-CdX (X=Cl; SO4) polymer electrolytesMITRA, S; KULKARNI, AR
2010Electrical properties of BaY(0.5)Nb(0.5)O(3) ceramic: Impedance spectroscopy analysisPRASAD, K; BHAGAT, S; PRIYANKA; AMARNATH, K; CHANDRA, KP; KULKARNI, AR
2008Electrical properties of ferroelectric Sr(0.5)Ba(0.5)Nb(2)O(6) ceramic materials synthesized by different techniquesKULKARNI, AR; PATRO, PK; GUPTA, SM; HARENDRANATH, CS
2007Electrical properties of Na2SO4-based composite systemsBOBADE, SM; KULKARNI, AR; GOPALAN, P
2004Electrical transport studies on CdI2 doped silver oxysalt systemKANCHAN, DK; PADMASREE, KP; PANCHAL, HR; KULKARNI, AR
2009Electrical, rheological and morphological studies in co-continuous blends of polyamide 6 and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene with multiwall carbon nanotubes prepared by melt blendingBOSE, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KULKARNI, AR; POTSCHKE, P
2017Elucidating the stabilizing effect of oleic acid coated LaF3: Nd3+ nanoparticle surface in the thermal degradation of PMMA nanocompositesNAMPOOTHIRI, PK; GANDHI, MN; KULKARNI, AR
2000Engineering polymer electrolytes with enhanced ionic conductionKULKARNI, AR