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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Degradation of materials under hot corrosion conditionsKHANNA, AS; JHA, SK
1998Development and characterization of coatings on interconnector (Cr-ODS) used in SOFCsPRASANNA, KMN; KHANNA, AS; QUADAKKERS, WJ
2015Development of CoNiCrAlY oxidation resistant hard coatings using high velocity oxy fuel and cold spray techniquesKHANNA, AS; RATHOD, WS
2014Development of Self-Healing Coatings Based on Linseed Oil as Autonomous Repairing Agent for Corrosion ResistanceTHANAWALA, K; MUTNEJA, N; KHANNA, AS; RAMAN, RKS
2013Development of water-repellent organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel coatings on aluminum using short chain perfluoro polymer emulsionWANKHEDE, RG; MOREY, S; KHANNA, AS; BIRBILIS, N
2016Effect of cenospheres on the char formation and fire protective performance of water-based intumescent coatings on structural steelPURI, RG; KHANNA, AS
2000Effect of chromium nitride coating on the corrosion and wear resistance of stainless steelJAGIELSKI, JACEK; KHANNA, AS; KUCINSKI, JACEK; MISHRA, DS; RACOLTA, P; SIOSHANSI, PIRAN; TOBIN, ERIC; THERESKA, J; UGLOV, VLADIMIR; VILAITHONG, T; VIVIENTE, J; SI-ZE YANG; ZALAR, ANTON
2014Effect of N-2 and He Carrier Gases on Oxidation Behavior of Cold Sprayed CoNiCrAlY Powder to Deposit Bond CoatsRATHOD, WS; KHANNA, AS; KARTHIKEYAN, J; RATHOD, RC
2009Effect of nano-Al(2)O(3) particles on the corrosion behavior of alkyd based waterborne coatingsDHOKE, SK; SINHA, TJM; KHANNA, AS
2009Effect of nano-Fe(2)O(3) particles on the corrosion behavior of alkyrd based waterborne coatingsDHOKE, SK; KHANNA, AS
2009Effect of nano-zno addition on the silicone-modified alkyd-based waterborne coatings on its mechanical and heat-resistance propertiesDHOKE, SK; BHANDARI, R; KHANNA, AS
2009Effect of nano-zno particles on the corrosion behavior of alkyd-based waterborne coatingsDHOKE, SK; KHANNA, AS; SINHA, TJM
2012Effect of Si on morphology of alumina scalesJAMNAPARA, NI; AVTANI, DU; CHAUHAN, NL; RAOLE, PM; MUKHERJEE, S; KHANNA, AS
1996Effect of theta-alumina formation on the growth kinetics of alumina-forming superalloysPRASANNA, KMN; KHANNA, AS; CHANDRA, R; QUADAKKERS, WJ
1998Effect of water vapour on the oxidation of FeCrAl- and NiCrAl-base ODS alloysPRASANNA, KMN; KHANNA, AS; QUADAKKERS, WJ
2009Electrochemical behavior of nano-iron oxide modified alkyd based waterborne coatingsDHOKE, SK; KHANNA, AS
1997Environmentally influenced degradation of fiber-reinforced compositesSAMPATH, P; KHANNA, AS; GANTI, SS
2013An Epoxy Based Lignosulphonate Doped Polyaniline-Poly(Acrylamide Co-Acrylic Acid) Coating for Corrosion Protection of Aluminium Alloy 2024-T3GUPTA, G; BIRBILIS, N; KHANNA, AS
1999Formation of high chromium surface alloys on 2.25Cr-1Mo and 9Cr-1Mo steels using a single step laser treatment to improve their high temperature oxidation corrosion resistanceKHANNA, AS; STREIFF, R; WISSENBACH, K