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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effect of Si on morphology of alumina scalesJAMNAPARA, NI; AVTANI, DU; CHAUHAN, NL; RAOLE, PM; MUKHERJEE, S; KHANNA, AS
1996Effect of theta-alumina formation on the growth kinetics of alumina-forming superalloysPRASANNA, KMN; KHANNA, AS; CHANDRA, R; QUADAKKERS, WJ
1998Effect of water vapour on the oxidation of FeCrAl- and NiCrAl-base ODS alloysPRASANNA, KMN; KHANNA, AS; QUADAKKERS, WJ
2009Electrochemical behavior of nano-iron oxide modified alkyd based waterborne coatingsDHOKE, SK; KHANNA, AS
1997Environmentally influenced degradation of fiber-reinforced compositesSAMPATH, P; KHANNA, AS; GANTI, SS
2013An Epoxy Based Lignosulphonate Doped Polyaniline-Poly(Acrylamide Co-Acrylic Acid) Coating for Corrosion Protection of Aluminium Alloy 2024-T3GUPTA, G; BIRBILIS, N; KHANNA, AS
1999Formation of high chromium surface alloys on 2.25Cr-1Mo and 9Cr-1Mo steels using a single step laser treatment to improve their high temperature oxidation corrosion resistanceKHANNA, AS; STREIFF, R; WISSENBACH, K
2008Formulation and performance study of low molecular weight, alkyd-based waterborne anticorrosive coating on mild steelDHOKE, SK; SINHA, TJM; DUTTA, P; KHANNA, AS
2015Graphene based anticorrosive coatings for Cr(VI) replacementANEJA, KS; BOHM, S; KHANNA, AS; BOHM, HLM
2009Hard coatings based on thermal spray and laser claddingKHANNA, AS; KUMARI, S; KANUNGO, S; GASSER, A
2016High temperature and high pressure oxidation behavior of Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube material - Effect of beta phase composition and surface machiningNOUDURU, SK; KUMAR, MK; KAIN, V; KHANNA, AS; SAIBABA, N; DEY, GK
1997High temperature oxidation behaviour of laser alloyed ferritic steelsPATTANAIK, AK; KHANNA, AS; GASSER, A; HARENDRANATH, CS
1997High temperature oxidation behaviour of Ti3Al-Nb intermetallicsJHA, SK; KHANNA, AS; HARENDRANATH, CS
2007HMMM cured corrosion resistance waterborne ormosil coating for aluminum alloyPATHAK, SS; KHANNA, AS; SINHA, UM
2014In vitro investigation of biodegradable polymeric coating for corrosion resistance of Mg-6Zn-Ca alloy in simulated body fluidGAUR, S; RAMAN, RKS; KHANNA, AS
2017Influence of heat-stable filler on the thermal shielding performance of water-based intumescent fire-resistive coating for structural steel applicationsPURI, RG; KHANNA, AS
2006The influence of laser glazing on morphology, composition and microhardness of thermal sprayed Ni-WC coatingsKUMARI, S; KHANNA, AS; GASSER, A
1998Integrity of Incoloy-825 cladded mild steel in sour gas serviceKHANNA, AS; PATTANAIK, AK; ANTO, PF; CHUGH, SK
2017Intumescent coatings: A review on recent progressPURI, RG; KHANNA, AS