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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Phase Transformation and Enhancement of Toughness in Polyvinylidene Fluoride by Onium SaltsVIJAYAKUMAR, RP; KHAKHAR, DV; MISRA, A
2009Phosphonium-Based Layered Silicate-Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Nanocomposites: Stability, Thermal and Mechanical PropertiesPATRO, TU; KHAKHAR, DV; MISRA, A
2001Polymerization kinetics of rodlike molecules under quiescent conditionsGUPTA, JS; AGGE, A; KHAKHAR, DV
2006Polyurethane foam-clay nanocomposites: Nanoclays as cell openersHARIKRISHNAN, G; PATRO, TU; KHAKHAR, DV
2012Preface to the Professor K. D. P. Nigam FestschriftPALANKI, S; KHAKHAR, DV; BAJPAI, R
2005Radial mixing of granular materials in a rotating cylinder: Experimental determination of particle self-diffusivityHAJRA, SK; KHAKHAR, DV
1997Radial segregation of granular mixtures in rotating cylindersKHAKHAR, DV; MCCARTHY, JJ; OTTINO, JM
2011Radial segregation of ternary granular mixtures in rotating cylindersHAJRA, SK; KHAKHAR, DV
1997Raining of particles from an emulsion-gas interface in a fluidized bedLIM, KS; KHAKHAR, DV; CHEN, Z; AGARWAL, PK
1992Reduction in gravity-induced collision frequencies of particles dispersed in a viscoplastic fluidKHILAR, KC; KHAKHAR, DV; GHOSH, PK
2004Regulation of cell structure in water blown rigid polyurethane foamMONDAL, P; KHAKHAR, DV
2007Reticulated vitreous carbon from polyurethane foam-clay compositesHARIKRISHNAN, G; PATRO, TU; KHAKHAR, DV
2011Rheology and Mixing of Granular MaterialsKHAKHAR, DV
2011Rheology of binary granular mixtures in the dense flow regimeTRIPATHI, A; KHAKHAR, DV
2007Rheology of surface granular flowsORPE, AV; KHAKHAR, DV
2000Rigid polyurethane foams for buoyancy applications: Hydraulic resistanceSWAMINATHAN, A; KHAKHAR, DV
2007Rigid polyurethane-clay nanocomposite foams: Preparation and propertiesMONDAL, P; KHAKHAR, DV
2002Scaling of granular flow processes: From surface flows to design rulesOTTINO, JM; KHAKHAR, DV
2001Scaling relations for granular flow in quasi-two-dimensional rotating cylindersORPE, AV; KHAKHAR, DV