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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Mechanism of antiproliferative action of curcumin: perturbation of microtubule assembly and functions through tubulin bindingGUPTA, K; NAIK, NR; PANDA, D
2008A method for probabilistic mapping between protein structure and function taxonomies through cross trainingGUPTA, K; SEHGAL, V; LEVCHENKO, A
2009Mitigating urban flood disasters in IndiaGUPTA, K
2016A multistage approach to decision fusion using a distributed network of non-identical nodesGUPTA, K; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2002Noscapine derivatives as potent microtubule-interfering agents that perturb mitosis and induce apoptosisZHOU, J; GUPTA, K; AGGARWAL, S; ANEJA, R; CHANDRA, R; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2015A novel multistage decision fusion for cognitive sensor networks using AND and OR rulesGUPTA, K; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2002Paclitaxel-resistant human ovarian cancer cells undergo c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-mediated apoptosis in response to noscapineZHOU, J; GUPTA, K; YAO, J; YE, KQ; PANDA, D; GIANNAKAKOU, P; JOSHI, HC
2010Performance Evaluation Model for Multipurpose Multireservoir System OperationJOSHI, GS; GUPTA, K
2002Perturbation of microtubule polymerization by quercetin through tubulin binding: A novel mechanism of its antiproliferative activityGUPTA, K; PANDA, D
2009A simulation model for the operation of multipurpose multireservoir system for River Narmada, IndiaJOSHI, GS; GUPTA, K
2002Solution of constrained optimization problems by multi-objective genetic algorithmSUMMANWAR, VS; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD; KUSUMAKAR, HS; GUPTA, K; RAJESH, J
2014SVM-Based Model for Short-Term Rainfall Forecasts at a Local Scale in the Mumbai Urban Area, IndiaNIKAM, V; GUPTA, K
2003A tabu search based approach for solving a class of bilevel programming problems in chemical engineeringRAJESH,J; GUPTA, K; KUSUMAKAR, HS; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2008Transfer Function Formulation of Saint-Venant's Equations for Modeling Drainage Channel Flow: An Experimental EvaluationSREEJA, P; GUPTA, K
2000Use of regression models for analyzing highway storm-water loads - discussionGUPTA, K
2006Wastewater disposal in the major cities of IndiaGUPTA, K
2017Wave shoaling over steep slopes-An experimental investigationGUPTA, K; BALAJI, R