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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A new coordination mode of the photometric reagent gilyoxalbis(2-hydroxyanil) (H(2)gbha): Bis-bidentate bridging by gbha(2-) in the redox series {(mu-gbha)[Ru(acac)(2)](2)}(n) (n =-2,-1, 0,+1,+2), including a radical-bridged diruthenium(III) and a Ru-III/Ru-IV intermediateKAR, S; SARKAR, B; GHUMAAN, S; ROY, D; URBANOS, FA; FIEDLER, J; SUNOJ, RB; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2007Probing mixed valence in a new tppz-bridged diruthenium(III,II) complex{(mu-tppz)[Ru(bik)Cl]2}(3+) (tppz=2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine, bik=2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine, bik=2,2'-bis(1-methylimidazolyl)ketone): EPR silence, intervalence absorption, and v(CO) line broadeningKOLEY, M; SARKAR, B; GHUMAAN, S; BULAK, E; FIEDLER, J; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2005Sensitive oxidation state ambivalence in unsymmetrical three-center (M/Q/M) systems [(acac)(2)Ru(mu-Q)Ru(acac)(2)](n), Q=1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione or 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-diimine (n = +, 0, -, 2-)GHUMAAN, S; SARKAR, B; PATRA, S; VAN SLAGEREN, J; FIEDLER, J; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2004The triruthenium complex [{(acac)(2)Ru-II}(3)(L)] containing a conjugated diquinoxaline[2,3-a : 2 ',3 '-c]phenazine (L) bridge and acetylacetonate (acac) as ancillary ligands. Synthesis, spectroelectrochemical and EPR investigationPATRA, S; SARKAR, B; GHUMAAN, S; FIEDLER, J; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2006Tuning intermetallic electronic coupling in polyruthenium systems via molecular architectureGHUMAAN, S; LAHIRI, GK
2008Valence-state analysis through spectroelectrochemistry in a series of quinonoid-bridged diruthenium complexes [(acac)(2)ru(mu-l)ru(acac)(2)](n) (n =+2,+1, 0,-1,-2)GHUMAAN, S; SARKAR, B; MAJI, S; PURANIK, VG; FIEDLER, J; URBANOS, FA; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK