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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy based study of Lande g-factor for holes in GaAs/AlGaAs single quantum wells under low magnetic fieldsARORA, A; MANDAL, A; CHAKRABARTI, S; GHOSH, S
2010Mahanadi streamflow: climate change impact assessment and adaptive strategiesGHOSH, S; RAJE, D; MUJUMDAR, PP
2006Merging energy-based design criteria and reliability-based methods: Exploring a new conceptGHOSH, S; COLLINS, KR
2015Mesoscopic quantum superposition of the generalized cat state: A diffraction limitGHOSH, S; SHARMA, R; ROY, U; PANIGRAHI, PK
2008Metallaboranes of the Early Transition Metals: Direct Synthesis and Characterization of [{eta(5)-C(5)Me(5))Ta}(2)B(n)H(m)] (n=4, m=10; n=5, m=11), [{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(5))Ta}(2)B(5)H(10)(C(6)H(4)CH(3))], and [{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(5))TaCl}(2)B(5)H(11)]BOSE, SK; GEETHARANI, K; VARGHESE, B; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2011Metallaheteroborane clusters of group 5 transition metals derived from dichalcogenide ligandsBOSE, SK; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2011Metallaheteroborane clusters of group 5 transition metals derived from dichalcogenide ligandsBOSE, SK; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2008Modeling GCM and scenario uncertainty using a possibilistic approach: Application to the Mahanadi River, IndiaMUJUMDAR, PP; GHOSH, S
2005Modeling the recrystallization process using inverse cellular automata and genetic algorithms: Studies using differential evolutionRANE, TD; DEWRI, R; GHOSH, S; MITRA, K; CHAKRABORTI, N
2012Modeling Uncertainty Resulting from Multiple Downscaling Methods in Assessing Hydrological Impacts of Climate ChangeGHOSH, S; KATKAR, S
2010Modelling bivariate rainfall distribution and generating bivariate correlated rainfall data in neighbouring meteorological subdivisions using copulaGHOSH, S
2016Molecular dynamics simulation elucidates the preferential binding affinity of sodium and tetramethylammonium ions for tetrameric Nafion unit under aqueous conditionsGHOSH, S; CHAKRABARTI, R
2005Multilayer multiresonator circular microstrip antennas for broadband and dual-band operationsRAY, KP; GHOSH, S; NIRMALA, K
2013Near-term acceleration of hydroclimatic change in the western USASHFAQ, M; GHOSH, S; KAO, SC; BOWLING, LC; MOTE, P; TOUMA, D; RAUSCHER, SA; DIFFENBAUGH, NS
2017A new class of enhanced kinetic sampling methods for building Markov state modelsBHOUTEKAR, A; GHOSH, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; CHATTERJEE, A
2011New Molybdaborane Clusters with a Bridged Phosphido LigandCHAKRAHARI, KKV; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2013A nonparametric kernel regression model for downscaling multisite daily precipitation in the Mahanadi basinKANNAN, S; GHOSH, S
2017A novel resource allocation and power control mechanism for hybrid access femtocellsGHOSH, S; SATHYA, V; RAMAMURTHY, A; AKILESH, B; TAMMA, BR
2016On the occurrence of boundary solutions in multidimensional incomplete tablesGHOSH, S; VELLAISAMY, P
2017p53 amyloid formation leading to its loss of function: implications in cancer pathogenesisGHOSH, S; SALOT, S; SENGUPTA, S; NAVALKAR, A; GHOSH, D; JACOB, R; DAS, S; KUMAR, R; JHA, NN; SAHAY, S; MEHRA, S; MOHITE, GM; GHOSH, SK; KOMBRABAIL, M; KRISHNAMOORTHY, G; CHAUDHARI, P; MAJI, SK