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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Hierarchical interdomain routing and light-path provisioning in optical networksLIU, Q; KOK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A
2006Hierarchical routing in multi-domain optical networksLIU, Q; KÖK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, ASHWIN
2008Inter-domain routing scalability in optical DWDM networksLIU, Q; XIE, C; FRANGIEH, T; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; RAO, NSV; LEHMAN, T
2008Light-mesh — a pragmatic optical access network architecture for IP-centric service oriented communicationGUMASTE, ASHWIN; DIWAKAR, DEEPAK; AGRAWAL, ANUJ; LODHA, AKHIL; GHANI, N
2009Light-Mesh: an evolutionary approach to optical packet transport in access networksGUMASTE, A; DAS, T; VAISHAYMPAYAN, R; GHANI, N
2006Light-trains: a cross-layer delivery mechanism for high bandwidth applications in moving metro-trainsGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N; ZHENG, SQ
2007LiTPiC – Light-Trails and Photonic Integrated Circuits: issues of network design and performanceGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2007Long reach optical access networks using light-trailsDHANUKA, NISHIKANT; LODHA, AKHIL; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2006A novel K-out-of-N auction mechanism and strategic scaling for dynamic bandwidth allocation in GE-PONKUMAR NAGARAJ; GUDHE, ASHISH; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2008A novel node architecture for light-trail provisioning in mesh WDM metro networksGUMASTE, A; JUKAN, A; LODHA, A; CHEN, XM; GHANI, N
2010Omnipresent Ethernet-Technology Choices for Future End-to-End NetworkingGUMASTE, A; MEHTA, S; ARORA, I; GOYAL, P; RANA, S; GHANI, N
2007On control plane for service provisioning in light-trail WDM optical ring networksGUMASTE, ASHWIN; CHANDARANA, JANAK; BAFNA, PARESH; GHANI, N; SHARMA, VISHAL
2009Reach Optimized Architecture for Multi-rate Transport System (ROAMTS) : one size does not fit allGUMASTE, A; GHANI, N
2009Routing scalability in multi-domain DWDM networksLIU, Q; XIE, CY; FRANGIEH, T; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A; RAO, NSV
2009Selected papers from first international symposium on advanced networks and telecommunication systems (ants 2007)GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A; GURUSAMY, M; MUKHERJEE, B; SUBRAMANIAM, S
2006SLiT (Strongly connected Light-trail) for WDM ringsGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N; JAIN, SHAKESH; ZHENG, SQ
2007Stochastic optimization of light-trail WDM ring networks using Bender's decompositionLODHA, AKHIL; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; BAFNA, PARESH; GHANI, N
2008Topology abstraction algorithms for light-mesh - an alternate model for PONAGRAWAL, A; GUMASTE, A; CHAMANIA, M; GHANI, N
2008Value-Added Services in Next-Generation SONET/SDH NetworksGHANI, N; LIU, Q; GUMASTE, A; LANKFORD, J; SHAMI, A; ASSI, CM; KHALIL, A; BENHADDOU, D
2008Value-added services in next-generation SONET/SDH networks - [Topics in optical communications]GHANI, N; LIU, Q; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; LANKFORD, JOHN; SHAMI, ABDALLAH; ASSI, CHADI M; KHALIL, AHMAD