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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Impact of wet-oxidized Al2O3/AlGaN interface on AlGaN/GaN 2-DEGsMEER, M; MAJETY, S; TAKHAR, K; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2016Improved n-channel Ge gate stack performance using HfAlO high-k dielectric for various Al concentrationsKOTHARI, S; JOISHI, C; GHOSH, S; BISWAS, D; VAIDYA, D; GANGULY, S; LODHA, S
2015Improved Ohmic contact to GaN and AlGaN/GaN two-dimensional electron gas using trap assisted tunneling by B implantationUPADHYAY, P; MEER, M; TAKHAR, K; KHACHARIYA, D; KUMAR, SA; BANERJEE, D; GANGULY, S; LAHA, A; SAHA, D
2013Memory Elements Using Multiterminal Magnetoresistive DevicesADARI, R; BANERJEE, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2011Modulation bandwidth of a spin laserBANERJEE, D; ADARI, R; MURTHY, M; SUGGISETTI, P; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2015Observation of quantum oscillation of work function in ultrathin-metal/semiconductor junctionsTAKHAR, K; MEER, M; KHACHARIYA, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2011Origin of shape anisotropy effects in solution-phase synthesized FePt nanomagnetsFERRER, DA; GUCHHAIT, S; LIU, H; FERDOUSI, F; CORBET, C; XU, H; DOCZY, M; BOURIANOFF, G; MATHEW, L; RAO, R; SAHA, S; RAMON, M; GANGULY, S; MARKERT, JT; BANERJEE, SK
2017Performance improvement and better scalability of wet-recessed and wet-oxidized AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistorsTAKHAR, K; MEER, M; UPADHYAY, BB; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2014Polarization modulation in GaN-based double-barrier resonant tunneling diodesSANKARANARAYANAN, S; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2016Pulsed laser deposition of highly oriented stoichiometric thin films of topological insulator Sb2Te3SAHA, B; CHATURVEDI, P; YADAV, AK; SAHA, D; GANGULY, S
2013Room temperature ferromagnetism in thermally diffused Cr in GaNSUGGISETTI, P; BANERJEE, D; ADARI, R; PANDE, N; PATIL, T; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2016Source extension region scaling for AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors using non-alloyed ohmic contactsTAKHAR, K; KUMAR, SA; MEER, M; UPADHYAY, BB; UPADHYAY, P; KHACHARIYA, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2015State transitions and decoherence in the avian compassPOONIA, VS; SAHA, D; GANGULY, S
2017Strong Size Dependency on the Carrier and Photon Dynamics in InGaN/GaN Single Nanowalls Determined Using Photoluminescence and Ultrafast Transient Absorption SpectroscopyCHOUKSEY, S; SANKARANARAYANAN, S; PENDEM, V; SAHA, PK; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2016Superluminescent light emitting diodes on naturally survived InGaN/GaN lateral nanowiresBANERJEE, D; SANKARANARAYANAN, S; KHACHARIYA, D; NADAR, MB; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2017Temperature-independent optical transition with sub-nanometer linewidth in thermally diffused Gadolinium in GaNSAHA, PK; CHOUKSEY, S; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D