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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Kalman filter based prediction of broadband traffic burstinessMURALI KRISHNA, P; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
2008Lifting structures for quincunx FIR filter-banks with quadrantal or diagonal symmetryPATIL, BHUSHAN; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2008Modeling of surface roughness in precision machining of metal matrix composites using ANNBASHEER, AC; DABADE, UA; JOSHI, SS; BHANUPRASAD, VV; GADRE, VM
2002Modelling and control of broadband traffic using multiplicative multifractal cascadesKRISHNA, PM; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
2002Multiplicative multifractal process based modeling of broadband traffic processes: variable bit rate video trafficMURALI KRISHNA, P; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
2000Nonuniform M-band wavepackets for transient signal detectionKULKARNI, S; GADRE, VM; BELLARY, SV
2017A novel approach for time-frequency localization of scaling functions and design of three-band biorthogonal linear phase wavelet filter banksBHATI, D; PACHORI, RB; GADRE, VM
2006On Filter symmetries in a class of tree-structured 2-D nonseparable filter-banksPATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2008On Parallelepiped-Shaped Passbands for Multidimensional Nonseparable Mth-Band Low-Pass FiltersSAIFEE, Q; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2008On the design of FIR wavelet filter banks using factorization of a halfband polynomialPATIL, BD; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2017Optimal duration-bandwidth localized antisymmetric biorthogonal wavelet filtersSHARMA, M; DHERE, A; PACHORI, RB; GADRE, VM
2006Optimal fractional Fourier domains for quadratic chirpsKHANKHOJE, U; GADRE, VM
1996Optimal parameter choice for a class of cubic interpolation kernels and the associated error analysisAGGARWAL, M; GADRE, VM
2017A parametrization technique to design joint time-frequency optimized discrete-time biorthogonal wavelet basesSHARMA, M; ACHUTH, PV; PACHORI, RB; GADRE, VM
2004A phase based method for investigating the functional connectivity in the fMRI dataDESHMUKH, AV; SHIVHARE, V; GADRE, VM; PATKAR, DP; SHAH, S; PUNGAVKAR, S
2007Polyphase conditions and structures for 2-D quincunx FIR filter banks having quadrantal or diagonal symmetriesPATWARDHAN, PG; PATIL, BHUSHAN; GADRE, VM
2007Preservation of 2-D signal symmetries in quincunx filter-banksPATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2007Secure Watermarking In Fractional Wavelet DomainsPUJARA, C; BHARDWAJ, A; GADRE, VM; KHIRE, S
2006A simple exposition to impossibility of simultaneous time and frequency compactnessMEHTA, N; GADRE, VM
1999Simulation studies of wavelet neural networks for intelligent CNC turningSHASHIDHARA, HL; SUNEEL, TS; GADRE, VM; PANDE, SS