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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Recent advances in the Overman rearrangement: synthesis of natural products and valuable compoundsFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P; GHOLAP, SP; CHAUDHARI, DA
2014Ring-Closing Metathesis Enabled Efficient Synthesis of gamma-Butenolide Antifungal Agent (-)-Incrustoporin and its AnaloguesFERNANDES, RA; PATIL, PH; CHOWDHURY, AK
2008A short enantioselective synthesis of (+)-eleutherin, (+)-allo-eleutherin and a formal synthesis of (+)-nocardione BFERNANDES, RA; CHAVAN, VP; INGLE, AB
2013Step-Economic and Protecting-Group-Free Total Synthesis of (+)-CardiobutanolideFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P
2014Stereoselective inversion of gamma-vinyl-gamma-butyrolactone under palladium catalysis: application to the synthesis of (+)-exo- and (+)-endo-brevicominsFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P; BETHI, V
2012Stereoselective synthesis of (-)-1-epi-ventiloquinone L and (+)-ventiloquinone L, the monomeric unit of cardinalin 3FERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB; CHAVAN, VP
2015A stereoselective synthesis of the reported structure of polyporolidePATIL, PH; FERNANDES, RA
2011Stereoselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Nephrosteranic Acid and (+)-Roccellaric Acid through Asymmetric Dihydroxylation and Johnson-Claisen RearrangementFERNANDES, RA; CHOWDHURY, AK
2013A Synthesis of (-)-(R)- and (+)-(S)-Lavandulol, (+)-Lavandulyl 2-Methylbutanoate, and (+)-Lavandulyl Senecioate through Orthoester Johnson-Claisen RearrangementFERNANDES, RA; CHOWDHURY, AK
2009Synthesis of beta,gamma-disubstituted-gamma-lactones through a Johnson-Claisen rearrangement: a short route to xylobovide, nor-canadensolide, canadensolide, sporothriolide and santolinolideFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB; CHAVAN, VP
2014Synthesis of methyl ketones from terminal olefins using PdCl2/CrO3 system mimicking the Wacker processFERNANDES, RA; BETHI, V
2011Synthetic studies on C14 cembranoids: synthesis of C4-12 fragment of sarcophytonolides E-G and L and C5-11 fragment of sarcophytonolide LFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB
2015Synthetic Studies toward Actinorhodin and gamma-Actinorhodin by using a Homo-coupling Strategy: Synthesis of Hemiactinorhodin and Hemi-gamma-actinorhodinMULAY, SV; BHOWMIK, A; FERNANDES, RA
2015Tandem Benzylic Oxidation/Dihydroxylation of alpha-Vinyl- and alpha-Alkenylbenzyl AlcoholsFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P
2009Total Syntheses of All Stereoisomers of Phenatic Acid BFERNANDES, RA; CHOWDHURY, AK
2010Total Synthesis of (+)-Demethoxycardinalin 3FERNANDES, RA; MULAY, SV
2013Total Synthesis of Both Spiroketal Diastereomers of the Reported Structure of Cephalosporolide HFERNANDES, RA; HALLE, MB
2016Total Synthesis of Marine Natural Products: CephalosporolidesHALLE, MB; FERNANDES, RA
2011Total synthesis of topsentolide B(2)FERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P
2016Total synthesis of unique anti,anti-4-hydroxy-5-(1-hydroxyalkyl)-gamma-lactones, polyporolide and mupirocin HFERNANDES, RA; HALLE, MB